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Mayor on Governor's May 13 COVID-19 Update

Mayor Victoria Woodards’ Response to Today’s COVID-19 Update and Announcements From Governor Jay Inslee


May 13, 2021



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Mayor Victoria Woodards’ Response to Today’s COVID-19 Update
and Announcements From Governor Jay Inslee


TACOMA, Wash. -- I appreciate the State of Washington’s willingness to re-evaluate the metrics guiding our COVID-19 response, as vaccination has become more broadly available and accessible across our community. This will open up opportunities to uplift our businesses and engage in activities that benefit our mental health. At the same time, it is important that we each remain keenly aware of our continued responsibilities to protect our own health, and the health of others, while COVID-19 numbers remain high in our region. As we look ahead, I hope the expanded activities becoming available will provide greater incentive for everyone and their loved ones to get vaccinated.




Learn more about Governor Jay Inslee's May 13, 2021 COVID-19 update and announcements here.