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The City is always look for applicants for its volunteer Committees, Boards and Commissions. Listed below are the latest openings. Here's how you apply.  

Committee, Board or Commission Members Sought Applications Due
Planning Commission July 23, 2014
Citizen Review Panel August 8, 2014

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Current Committees, Boards and Commissions

Here are the details on the citizen boards, commissions and committees that advise and make recommendations to the City Council and/or City staff.  

Board of Building Appeals

The Board of Building Appeals was established as a quasi-judicial board that reviews and approves the updating of the City's Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire, Dangerous Building, Minimum Housing, Boiler and Energy Codes.

Learn more about the Board of Building Appeals

Board of Ethics

The role of the Board is to receive, investigate, and make recommendations for disposition of complaints of violation of the Code of Ethics by the City Manager, the Director of Public Utilities, a member of the Public Utility Board (Utility Board), or a City-elected official. The Board may also render advisory opinions in response to a request by one of the aforementioned officials, and render and publish formal opinions on any matter within the scope of the Board's authority which it may deem appropriate.

Learn more about the Board of Ethics

Charter Review Committee

The Charter Review Committee shall review the existing Charter of the City of Tacoma and make such recommendations for change as the committee may deem necessary and proper in order to amend the provisions of the existing City Charter with reference to improving the mode and manner of operation and efficiency in conducting the affairs of the City.

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Citizen Review Panel

The Panel also provides community outreach and education through public hearings and panel efforts.

  • Reviewing police policy at the request of the City Council or City Manager
  • Receiving and reviewing policy complaints by members of the public
  • Providing advice to the City Council, the City Manager and the Chief of Police on Police policy matters

Learn more about the Citizen Review Panel

City Events and Recognition Committee

The Committee serves as an advisory and action committee for the City on matters pertaining to City-hosted events and special recognition programs, such as: the City’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration, City of Destiny Awards, and other special national and local observations. The Committee is responsible for planning, reviewing and evaluating events. The Committee will engage the broader Tacoma community in fundraising efforts and the solicitation of corporate and private sponsorships to leverage funds for the events.

Learn more about the City Events and Recognition Committee

Civil Service Board

The Civil Service System for the City of Tacoma extends Civil Service protections and coverage to the majority of the City's work force. Powers and duties consist of making revisions to the Civil Service Rules, also known as Personnel Rules, advising City Council and other officials on Civil Service and personnel matters, investigating conditions of employment in Civil Service, conducting appeal hearings on suspensions more than 30 days, demotions, or terminations, and hearing complaints regarding Civil Service rules.

Learn more about the Civil Service Board

Fiscal Sustainability Task Force

The Task Force is charged with determining if there are both short and long term solutions to enhance revenues and/or reduce expenses in ways the City has not considered. The desired outcome is to ensure the financial integrity and service levels of the City. The Task Force will also study both the revenue and expense side of the structural deficit to see what steps the City can take to better manage these challenges.

Learn more about the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force

Foss Waterway Development Authority

The Foss Waterway Development Authority will undertake, assist with, and otherwise facilitate the redevelopment of property within and along the Thea Foss Waterway, currently an underutilized and blighted waterfront area in the heart of the City.

Learn more about the Foss Waterway Development Authority

Human Rights Commission

The Commission studies, investigates and mediates community issues that may result from discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, familial status, honorably discharged veteran or military status, or disability.

Learn more about the Human Rights Commission

Human Services Commission

The Commission serves as a resource to the City Council and City Staff for implementation of the City's Human Services Strategic Plan.

Learn more about the Human Services Commission

Joint Municipal Action Committee

The Committee (JMAC) meets for the purpose of discussing common interests among the City of Tacoma, Metro Parks, the Tacoma School District, Pierce County and the Port of Tacoma.

Learn more about the Joint Municipal Action Committee

Landmarks Preservation Commission

The Commission oversees the establishment and regulation of landmarks, local historic districts, proposed name changes for public facilities and certain property tax incentives. Additional information about the Commission is available through the City's Historic Preservation Department.

Learn more about the Landmarks Preservation Committee

Library Board of Trustees

The Board oversees the management and operation of the Tacoma Public Library system, which includes all branch libraries and the Main Library located in downtown Tacoma.

Learn more about the Library Board of Trustees

Parking Technical Advisory Group

The Parking Technical Advisory Group (PTAG) reviews current parking policies and how they impact current stakeholders. The PTAG periodically makes recommendations to the City Manager regarding needed changes for existing policies or establishing new policies needed to ensure that the parking system adheres to the adopted guiding principles.

Learn more about the Parking Technical Advisory Group

Planning Commission

Pursuant to Tacoma Municipal Code Chapter 13.02, the Planning Commission develops and updates the Comprehensive Plan and its elements; formulates effective and efficient land use and development regulations and processes that implement the Comprehensive Plan; and reviews various planning issues, such as area-wide zoning reclassifications, moratoria, interim zoning, pre-annexation planning, historic district designation, urban design, and transportation and capital facilities programs.

Learn more about the Planning Commission

Public Utility Board

The Board oversees the management and operation of Tacoma Public Utilities, which includes Tacoma Power, Tacoma Water, and Tacoma Rail.

Learn more about the Public Utility Board

Sister City Council

The Council oversees the City of Tacoma's Sister City Program. For more information about the Sister City Council and Sister City Program, please visit the Sister City Program web page.

Learn more about the Sister City Council

Sustainable Tacoma Commission

The Commission oversees implementation of Tacoma’s Climate Action Plan as the City and community reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is intended to bring citizen accountability, transparency, and vigilance to the long-term implementation of Tacoma’s Climate Action Plan, as developed by the Green Ribbon Climate Action Task Force.

Learn more about the Sustainable Tacoma Commission

Tacoma Area Commission on Disabilities

The Commission advises City Council in policy making, and partners with the community to bring awareness of issues that affect individuals with disabilities. In addition, commission members participate on committees, help educate the public about disability issues, and serve as a resource for City staff.

Learn more about the Tacoma Area Commission on Disabilities

Tacoma Arts Commission

The Tacoma Arts Commission provides leadership in supporting and enhancing the arts for the benefit of the City and its residents. Its purpose is to develop, support, coordinate, sponsor, and present the arts on a year-round basis for the benefit of the residents of Tacoma. The primary responsibility of the Commission is to create policies to support the ongoing development of arts programs and projects in Tacoma. Its primary programs include the funding of artists and arts organizations to provide services for the citizens of Tacoma, and oversight of the Municipal Art Program.

Learn more about the Tacoma Arts Commission

Tacoma Community Redevelopment Authority Board

The Board administers loans to a variety of clients such as low-income families who need help in buying or repairing their homes, owners who provide multi-family housing to low-income families, businesses which create jobs or rehabilitate older, blighted buildings, and non-profit organizations that provide services to our community.

Learn more about the Tacoma Community Redevelopment Authority Board

Tacoma Housing Authority

The Tacoma Housing Authority provides high quality housing and supportive services to persons and families in need, including the facilitation of housing to Tacoma's low-income citizens.

Learn more about the Tacoma Housing Authority

Transportation Commission

The Transportation Commission advises the City Council on transportation-related matters such as:
  • Short-term and long-range transportation planning
  • Compliance with local, regional, and federal transportation regulations
  • Bike, pedestrian, and mass transit-related planning initiatives
  • Parking and capital improvement plans
Learn more about the Transportation Commission

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