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Minimum Employment Standards

I-1433 and the City of Tacoma's Employment Standards

As election day results roll in, Tacoma employers and workers are reaching out to us with questions about the impacts of Washington State Initiative 1433 (I-1433, which relates to statewide paid leave and minimum wage). You'll find answers to the two most common questions below.

Are the City of Tacoma’s paid leave and minimum wage laws still in effect? 
Tacoma’s paid leave and minimum wage (which increases to $11.15 on January 1, 2017) laws are not altered by I-1433 and continue to remain in effect. Our office is your resource for all questions or concerns related to Tacoma’s Employment Standards, and we continue to provide assistance through our website, by email and by phone at (253-591-5306). 

What happens once the state law is certified?
Assuming that I-1433 is certified as approved later this month, Washington State Department of Labor and Industries will begin work on rules and regulations that will guide implementation of the new law. This will be a public process. More information will be provided by them as it becomes available, and you can join the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Wage and Hour Listserv to receive email updates.

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An Overview of Tacoma's two Employment Standards


The Paid Leave Ordinance took effect on February 1, 2016, allowing Tacoma workers to earn paid time off from work for reasons related to health, safety, and family care. 

In November 2015, voters approved Tacoma’s second city employment standard: A $12 per hour minimum wage to be phased in over two years.  As a result of this ballot initiative, the Tacoma minimum wage increased to $10.35 per hour on February 1, 2016.


Employees who will work 80+ hours per year within the city limits of Tacoma (including full-time, part-time, seasonal, and temporary workers) are covered by the city's minimum employment standards. There are no exceptions based on the size of the employer.

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