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A one-stop shop for inquiries and requests or to complete transactions online, the City of Tacoma Online Services catalog provides convenient access to interactive features such as payments, licensing and permit applications - saving you time and hassle. Use this menu to find Online Payment options or alphabetized access to Online Services.

A Abandoned Vehicle 

Basketball Hoop Removal
Boards and Commissions
Building and Land Use Citizen Request Center

Building Concerns and Issues
Business Licenses
Business Operating without License
Business Records Search 

Catch Basin Grate Missing
City Charter
City Construction Projects
City Council Information
City Hall Citizen Request Center
City Landscaping Concerns

Claim for Damages 
Click! CableTV Citizen Request Center

Code Enforcement Citizen Request Center
Crime Map
Crime Report
Curb Ramp Problem

Debris in Roadway
E Economic Development Business Resources
Electrical Permitting
Employee Conduct Complaints
Employment with City and TPU
F Fire Hydrant Damaged
Garbage Truck Accident
Garbage and Recycling Days
Garbage/Recycling Not Emptied Completely
GIS Maps
Graffiti Report

Handicap Parking Issue
I Ice/Snow Removal 
Jobs with City and TPU
Library Card Application
Library Hours & Locations
Litter and Debris Violation
Manhole Cover Missing
Municipal Code
Municipal TV Programming

Neighborhood Traffic Issue
Noise, Commercial and Construction
O Oil Spill Report
Overgrown Vegetation 
Permitting Online
Pothole Report
Power Utility Citizen Request Center
Power Utility Billing Questions
Power Utility Energy Code Information Request
Power Utility Lines Low or in Trees
R Records, Drawings, Permitting, and GIS Mapping
Road and Curb Painting Issue

Sewer Back-up/Flooding

Sewer Pipe Broken

Sidewalk Problem

Sight Distance Issue

Solid Waste Citizen Request Center

Street and Alley Grading/Repair Request

Street Drainage/Flooding

Street Light Outage

Street Sweeping Request

Streets and Grounds Citizen Request Center

 T TAGRO Inquiry
Tax and License Citizen Request Center
Traffic Sign Issue
Traffic Signal Issue
Traffic/Street Light Citizen Request Center
Trash & Recycling Days
Tree Down/Fallen 
 V Vegetation Blocking Sign
Vehicle Concerns on City Streets
Vehicle Concerns on Private Property 

Wastewater/Surface Water Billing Question
Wastewater/Surface Water Citizen Request Center
Water Meter Problem
Water Over Roadway 
Water Pipe Noise
Water Pressure Issue
Water Utility Billing Question
Water Utility Citizen Request Center
Water Utility Pressure