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Transportation Planning and Engineering

Transportation Planning and Engineering promotes public safety and welfare through stewardship of a transportation system which provides for the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicular traffic. This department is responsible for developing, interpreting, and implementing codes, standards, and long-range plans related to the City’s transportation network, and for assisting internal and external customers as they work with this information. 


Services provided by this group include:  


Traffic Design

Provide traffic engineering design such as review of geometric design, signal design and signal timing, roadway lighting, signs, curb paint, traffic control devices, and roadway markings. Design also includes conducting safety studies and establishing safe routes to school, bus stops locations, load zones, and heavy haul routes.    


Traffic Data Management

The transportation engineering and planning section collects, processes, and provides data for many of the designs and decisions made within this group, and by other internal and external entities. This data includes traffic volume counts, intersection turning movement counts, collision records, signal and streetlight system information, sign inventory, and speed studies.   


Traffic Impact and Safety Studies

The traffic engineering section conducts and reviews traffic impact studies, such as the studies performed as part of environmental review in conjunction with new development. Operational and safety studies are also conducted within the group in support of tasks such as corridor and network planning, signal timing, speed limit modifications, sight distance evaluations, driveway locations, and detour routes.    


Transportation Planning and Permitting

This section is responsible for transportation planning in the City, including maintenance of long-range planning models and coordination with regional and local planning authorities.  Part of this responsibility includes development of and administration of the City’s six-year Transportation Improvement Program.    


Grants and Grant Administration

This section leads development of grant applications for transportation projects throughout the City, and reviews City-administered grants such as the Innovative Grant Program, which is intended to assist neighborhood organizations within Tacoma’s eight neighborhood council districts through support of small-scale physical improvement projects.


Neighborhood Programs

Neighborhood traffic calming helps ensure safe traffic conditions on Tacoma’s neighborhood streets. We respond to resident’s questions and concerns regarding speeding, traffic safety, traffic signs, and similar issues. We also administer the City’s neighborhood traffic circle program, and the arterial and non-arterial traffic calming programs.