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High-Deductible Health Plan - New

Starting in 2016, the City offers the option of two high-deductible health plans (HDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA) alongside the regular Regence and Group Health plans. More information will become available throughout the year explaining how they operate so you can make an informed benefits choice in 2016.

FAQ for HDHP and HSA
FAQ for HDHP and HSA for Local 6 only
High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) - video
How to use your HSA - video
HealthEquity HSA vendor (866) 346-5800 HealthEquity website

Deferred Compensation


A 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan is a voluntary retirement plan offered by the City of Tacoma, created to allow you to put aside money from each paycheck toward retirement. Contributions are made to the account in your name via payroll deduction for the exclusive benefit of you and your beneficiaries. The value of the account is based on your contributions made and the investment performance over time.

A deferred compensation plan can help bridge the gap between what you have in your pension and Social Security, and how much you'll need in retirement. Depending on what plan you choose, your contributions may be pre-tax or post-tax.  

Pre-tax contributions you make reduce your taxable income for the year. These contributions and all associated earnings are then not subject to Federal tax until you withdraw them. You also may be able to make after-tax Roth contributions which allow for potentially tax-free earnings. 

The annual contribution limit for the Traditional 457 (pre-tax) and Roth 457 (post-tax) combined must adhere to the annual maximum limits.


You control how your account is invested, choosing from a wide range of options available through the City’s plans.


You can make withdrawals from your account when you leave employment with the City and have the ability to take payments as needed or request scheduled automatic payments. You maintain control over your investments and continue to benefit from tax deferral even after you leave.

During employment, subject to the City’s plan and IRS rules, you may also be able to make withdrawals after age 70½ or due to an unforeseeable emergency. A loan option is also available.

Withdrawals are generally taxable but, unlike other retirement accounts, the 10% penalty tax does not apply to distributions prior to age 59½ (the penalty tax may apply to distributions of assets that were transferred to the 457 plan from other types of retirement accounts).


You designate directly with your Deferred Compensation vendor, a beneficiary, or beneficiaries, to receive any remaining assets upon your death. Designating beneficiaries can help ensure your assets are paid per your wishes, avoid the potential costs and delays of probate, and allow non-spouse beneficiaries to receive additional tax benefits.


Traditional 457 Roth 457
Pre-tax contributions Yes Yes
Available to all City employees except temporary employees Yes Yes
2016 annual contribution limits

If contributing to the Traditional 457 and the Roth 457, annual contribution limit is for both plans combined.

Contributions are payroll deducted from every pay period.

Regular Deferral


Age 50 Catch-Up


Pre-Retirement Catch-Up


Regular Deferral


Age 50 Catch-Up


Pre-Retirement Catch-Up


Matching from the City Yes
Only for Police and Fire
Borrowing from your balance Yes
Specific IRS rules apply
Tax on post-separation distributions Yes
At the federal level of 20%

Please refer to the plan documents for detailed information or contact the plan representatives listed below.

City Deferred Compensation Rules, Policies and information

Deferred Compensation Plan Document
Deferred Compensation Bylaws
Deferred Compensation Limits 2016 - Local 6 Only
Deferred Compensation Limits 2016 - Local 26 Only
Deferred Compensation Limits 2016 - Local 31 Only
Deferred Compensation Limits 2016 - PPSMA Only

Employee Self-Service - ESS

Employees are encouraged to make contribution deferral changes by using ESS which is accessible on any computer with internet access by visiting the Employee Self-Service website.

Employee Self-Service Tutorial

Enrollment and other forms can be found on the benefits forms web page.

If you have any question contact Diane Peterson at (253) 591-5440.

ICMA Visits - Appointments are Recommended




Tacoma Public Utilities
Cafeteria Conference Room

Third Thursday

9 AM - 2 PM

Tacoma Municipal Building
Room 902

Third Wednesday

9 AM - 2 PM

Tacoma Police Department

Second Thursday

11 AM - 4 PM

Public works Solid Waste


9 AM - 4 PM

Environmental Services
First Floor Conference Room


9 AM - 2 PM

Public Works Streets and Grounds


7 AM - 10 AM

Loveland Substation


7:30 AM - 10:30 AM

ICMA-RC Also visits these others locations by appointment throughout the year, contact the representative for scheduling.

  • Center for Urban Waters
  • Cowlitz Fish Hatchery
  • Cushman Dam
  • Green River Headworks
  • Municipal Court
  • Public Works Fleet Shop
  • Public Works Sign Shop
  • Tacoma Dome/Convention Center
  • Tacoma Public Library
  • Tacoma Water
  • TV Tacoma
  • Wynoochee Dam

Vendor Contacts

ICMA-RC is available to all City Employees

ICMA-RC Website

Scott Berry
(866) 838-2102

ICMA-RC Get to know your 457
ICMA-RC Transition Resources

Nationwide Retirement Solutions

Available to Local 31 employees only

Nationwide Retirement Solutions website

Mike Ferguson (509) 385-7825

Customer Service 1-888-401-5272


Nationwide Roth 457 Investment Guide
Nationwide Learning Center
Nationwide Frontline Plan

Deferred Compensation Board Meetings

Deferred Compensation Meeting Schedule 2017 

February 2016 Minutes
June 2016 Minutes
August 2016 Minutes
December 2016 Minutes

Dental Plans

The City of Tacoma currently offers two dental plans, Delta Dental of Washington, and Willamette Dental. Employees who are represented by Local 117 have dental benefits provided through Teamsters/United Employees Benefit Trust (UEBT).

Delta Dental of Washington Summary 2017

Delta Dental of Washington Plan Document 2017  

Delta Dental Privacy Policy
Delta Customer Service 1-800-554-1907  Website

Willamette Dental Plan Summary 2017

Willamette Dental Plan Document 2017
Willamette Dental Privacy Policy
Willamette Customer Service 1-855-433-6825 Website

Teamsters Dental Customer Service (local 117 only) (253) 474-1214

Disability Insurance

The City of Tacoma provides you with an employer-paid Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance benefit in the event you become disabled. The LTD benefit provides replacement of some of your income in the event you are not able to work.

In addition to the basic Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance, the City of Tacoma offers access to voluntary employee-paid Supplemental Short and Long Term Disability benefits at group rates for you in the event you become disabled. The Short Term Disability benefit provides replacement of some of your income in the immediate future and can help bridge the gap to LTD. The Supplemental Long Term Disability insurance can provide additional LTD income and can shorten the waiting period for LTD benefit payments to begin. Standard Insurance Long Term Disability Certificate
City Paid-Long Term Disability at a Glance
Optional Long Term Disability at a Glance

Metlife Privacy Notice-Short Term Disability
About Short Term Disability

Employee Assistance Program


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides cost-free, convenient and confidential consultation and work life resources for you and your eligible dependents to help manage life’s challenges. You can access the EAP 24 hours a day, seven days per week by phone or their website. 


Contact First Choice Health toll-free inside Washington at (800) 777-4114.  Additional information is available at the First Choice Health website.

Employee Login: cityoftacoma


  EAP Quick Summary


EAP Newsletters

Month Employees Supervisors 
February 2017
Employee Newsletter Supervisor Newsletter
January 2017
Employee Newsletter  Supervisor Newsletter
December 2016
Employee Newsletter

Supervisor Newsletter

November 2016
Employee Newsletter

Supervisor Newsletter

October 2016
Employee Newsletter

Supervisor Newsletter

September 2016
Employee Newsletter

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August 2016
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Employee Newsletter

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Employee Newsletter

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April 2016
Employee Newsletter

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March 2016

Employee Newsletter

Supervisor Newsletter

February 2016
Employee Newsletter Supervisor Newsletter
January 2016
Employee Newsletter Supervisor Newsletter


Flexible Spending

The City of Tacoma provides employees a Section 125 Flexible Benefits Spending Plan, which allows for employees to save money on their health and dependent care expenses.  Employees save by setting aside an amount of money per year before taxes are taken out into an account to pay for out-of-pocket health and dependent care expenses.


Under the Section 125 Flexible Benefits Spending Plan there are two plan components: Health Flexible Spending Account (Health FSA) and a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (Dependent Care FSA) that is for out-of-pocket day care expenses for a child or adult dependent that cannot care for themselves.


Flexible Spending Summary


For more information, call Trusteed Plan Services Customer Service at (253) 564-5611 x210 or visit their website.

Life Insurance

The City of Tacoma provides you two forms of employer-paid Life Insurance benefits for you and your designated beneficiaries in the event of your death. You can be secure with the knowledge that your family will be taken care of should you die unexpectedly.

In addition to the basic life and AD&D insurance policies, the City of Tacoma offers access to voluntary employee-paid Supplemental Life and AD&D Insurance benefits at group rates, for you and your family members. Life Insurance Certificate
Life Insurance and AD&D Quick Reference
Additional Life & Disability Reference Guide


Travelers Insurance

Travel Assistance helps you cope with emergencies when you travel more than 100 miles from home or internationally for trips of up to 180 days.  Travel assistance can also help you with non-emergencies, such as planning your trip.  As a participant in the City’s basic life insurance coverage form The Standard, you and your family members are automatically covered.

United Healthcare Travel Assistance

Medical Plans

The City of Tacoma currently has two medical carriers, Regence BlueShield and Kaiser Permanente (formerly Group Health Cooperative). Employees have the choice at the time of hire or during open enrollment periods to enroll in the Regence BlueShield PPO, or Kaiser Permanente Plans.

The Kaiser website offers links to general information about the Cooperative, including its health plans, provider and facility directories, newsroom and more. For members, Kaiser offers password-protected access to your medical record, health care provider selection and messaging, an online medical center with information on more than 5,000 health topics, discussion groups, appointment booking, prescription refills, and more.


Kaiser Permanente Plan Summary 2017
Kaiser Permanente Plan Summary 2017 - Police Local 6

Kaiser Permanente Family HDHP Summary 2017 (Local 6 ONLY)

Kaiser Permanente Individual HDHP Plan Summary 2017 (Local 6 ONLY)
Kaiser Permanente Privacy Policy - Coming Soon

Kaiser Permanente Plan Book 2017 - Coming Soon

Kaiser Permanente Plan Book 2016 - Police Local 6 - Coming Soon

Kaiser Customer Service (888) 901-4636 or website.


The Regence website is designed to help advise Regence members on health care options, lifestyle options, navigate them through the health care system and reward those who make healthier choices. With the  Regence website, members can find all their health-related resources in one place.


Regence Plan Summary 2017

Regence Plan Summary High Deductible Plan 2017

Regence Plan Summary 2017 - Police Local 6 Only

Regence Plan Book 2017

Regence Plan Book HDHP with HSA 2017

Regence HDHP Plan Book 2017 - Police Local 26 Only

Regence Bluecard International Health Benefit

Regence Privacy Policy

Regence Customer Service (866) 240-9580 or website.

Vision Plans

For employees who select Regence as their Medical provider, the City of Tacoma provides vision benefits through the Vision Service Plan (VSP) 1-800-877-7195

Vision Service Plan Certificate
Vision Service Plan (VSP) Summary
VSP Privacy Policy

For employees who select Group Health as their Medical provider, vision benefits are provided through their Group Health Medical Plan.

Group Health Eye Care Customer Service (800) 664-9225 Website


The City of Tacoma values the health and well-being of our employees. To help promote good health and well-being, we offer the Tacoma Employee Wellness Program – Growing With Better Health – as a fun and engaging resource. This program launched January 1, 2015. The primary focus in the first year was the RedBrick Health Portal which is an online tool that helps employees to develop healthier habits, and in turn, leads to positive behavior changes. Beginning 2016, there will be several new fun and helpful resources/activities added to our wellness program to complement Redbrick and what employees are already doing to live a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you're already living a healthy lifestyle or are just beginning to make some changes, the Tacoma Employee Wellness Program can help empower you to reach your health and wellness goals and earn incentives such as reduced health insurance premiums.


For more information on our Employee Wellness Program and quick access to your Redbrick Account, visit the Wellness Website or contact the City's Wellness Coordinator, Shannon Carmody at (253) 591-2002 or wellness@cityoftacoma.org.

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