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Special Presentations

Many of these programs are available for purchase at the TV Tacoma video ordering page. Some of TV Tacoma's special presentations are available live online. Watch for these upcoming events.


Due to copyright agreements, some programming may not be available for purchase.


City of Destiny Awards 2017 (1 hour )

Youth Service: Amaya Fox
Adult Leadership: Patti Ramos
Disability Advocate Award - Professional: Patt Kosier
Disability Advocate Award - Volunteer: Darren Smith
Equity And Empowerment: Andre Penalver
Economic Development: Dr. Huytuong Nquyen
Group: Hilltop Urban Gardens
Lifetime Service: Thomas Dixon

Date Times
Mondays 4 AM, 2 PM and 8 PM
Tuesdays 4 AM and 11 PM 
Wednesdays 9 AM and 8 PM
Thursdays 1 PM and 9 PM
Fridays 2 PM and 10 PM 
Saturdays 8 AM and 6 PM  
Sundays  1 AM, 3 PM and 8 PM  

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