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When Does LEAP Apply?

LEAP Requirements Apply To

  • Civil projects over $250,000 (water main, sewer, street pavement, etc.)
  • Building projects over $750,000 (Convention Center, Police Station, etc.)
  • Service contracts relating to a public work or improvement that use labor at a City site - Annual Flagging Contract
  • LEAP requirements are applicable on a case-by-case basis
2013 Street Improvements

How It Works

The mandatory program requires contractors or service providers to employ Registered Apprentices approved by the Washington State Apprenticeship Council (SAC) that reside in Pierce County and/or Tacoma residents for 15% of a project's total labor hour goal on qualifying public works contracts.  The Project Engineer and LEAP Coordinator jointly estimate the labor hour goal. This goal is called the LEAP Utilization Goal (LUG).

The City requires prime contractors to recruit and hire SAC's and/or city of Tacoma residents, see exception below.  Contractors present their Prime Contractor LEAP Utilization Plan for meeting the 15% LUG at a pre-construction meeting.


The Contractor can use subcontractor hours toward meeting the goal and the contractor must provide a LEAP Employee Verification Form (LEVF) for every person from whom the contractor will claim credit. Contractors who do not meet the goal are assessed an amount for each hour that is not achieved.  The City of Tacoma may waive the penalty if in the best interest of the City.

Exception for Projects Advertised After July 10, 2009

If the project is located within the Tacoma Power Hydro Project areas, then 25% of the LUG may be worked by Residents of the Tacoma Power Hydro Project Area(s) county where the work is performed.  If the Project is located within the Tacoma Water Green River Headworks or Watershed Area, then 25% of the LUG may be worked by Residents of the Duwamish and White Center Community Empowerment Zone (CEZ) or by a King County Apprentice.