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Encampment Removal

The City of Tacoma inspects and removes unauthorized encampments on a routine basis based on complaints received and the conditions of the encampment.


Encampment removal is performed after notice and outreach.  In accordance with the City of Tacoma Storage Policy, below is information about specific removals including dates, location and whether items were stored.

If items were stored, they will be kept at 1423 Puyallup Avenue (unless the owner of the items is otherwise notified) and an appointment to access items may be made by calling 3-1-1 and indicating that you wish to retrieve stored items.

Calendar of Encampment Site Cleanings


December 2017

Dates Location Materials Stored?
December 5 11th Street Bridge No
December 6 2300 Dock St Yes

November 2017

 Date Location Materials Stored?
 November 29 621 Pacific Ave. Yes
November 28- December 1 2916 Delin St. No

October 2017

 Date Location Materials Stored?
October 4 21st and Dock St No
October 6  Fireman's Park No
October 18-19 Scott Pierson Trail (25th and State St) No
October 18-19 Scott Pierson Trail (19th and Orchard) Yes
October 19 26th and Pacific Ave No
October 20

Schuster Slope (below Stadium Way)


September 2017

 Date Location Materials Stored?
 September 11 1026 Sprague St  No
 September 13 1619 E Sherman St Yes
 September 25 2502 S Tyler St No
 September 27 710 Court E No
 September 29 25th and A St No

August 2017

 Date Location Materials Stored?
August 15 McKinley Park (Upper) No
August 15-16 29th and Wiley No

July 2017

 Date Location Materials Stored?
June 26-July 11 1709 Portland Ave. No
July 6 Stadium Way No
July 7 Dock St Bridge No
July 10 34 St Bridge Gulch No
July 10- July 11 25th and Jefferson No
July 11 28th and Pacific No
July 11-July 12 Fireman's Park No
July 10-July 13 35th and Pacific  No
July 17-July 19 35th and Portland Yes


June 2017

 Date Location  Materials Stored? 
 June 22 13th and Winnifred  No