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Government Performance and Finance


Policies, issues, programs and services may include, but are not limited to: customer service; government performance and accountability; financial management and policies; city workforce development and diversity; process improvements; inter-governmental relations; City facilities; compensation and benefits; risk management; municipal integrity, transparency and values; strategic planning; performance management; information technologies; and media and constituent communications.  


Agendas and Minutes on Legistar


Marty Campbell, Anders Ibsen, Joe Lonergan, Lauren Walker Lee (Alternate: Marilyn Strickland) 

Joe Lonergan

Vice Chair
Marty Campbell

One Year

Staff Support

Staffing support to the Government Performance and Finance Committee is provided by Andy Cherullo, David Nash-Mendez, and Sola Wingenbach.

Time and Day

4:30 PM to 6 PM
First, third, and fifth Wednesday of the month



Tacoma Municipal Building
Room 248


Staff Contact Information

Executive Liaison
Andy Cherullo
(253) 591-5800

Scheduling and Coordination
David Nash-Mendez
(253) 591-5116

Clerical Support
Sola Wingenbach
(253) 591-5178


Additional Information
2015 Year-End Report