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2017-2018 Amendment

What is 2017-2018 Amendment? 

Starting January 2017, the City is considering amendments to the One Tacoma: Comprehensive Plan and the Land Use Regulatory Code (i.e., Title 13 of the Tacoma Municipal Code), pursuant to the State Growth Management Act.  The process is slated for completion in June 2018.  This is the first two-year cycle of processing amendments; it used to be on an annual basis, with the last one being the 2016 Annual Amendment.  


Private Applications Received To Date  

As of March 31, 2017, the City has received the following six applications for 2017-2018 Amendment:

  • "Car Wash Rezone" - seeking rezone of two parcels at 6th Avenue and S. Howard Street from NCX to UCX to allow car washing facilities. 
  • "Outdoor Tire Storage" - seeking code revisions to allow for outdoor storage of tires in C-2 with screening and other appropriate standards.
  • "S. 80th Street Rezone (PDB)" - seeking code and Comprehensive Plan amendments to rezone a property on S. 80th from PDB to M-1.
  • "NE Tacoma Buffer Zone" - seeking to establish a buffer zone between residential areas of Northeast Tacoma and the industrial Tideflats.
  • "Design Review in MUCs" - seeking Comprehensive Plan amendment and requesting design review for buildings in Mixed-Use Centers.
  • "VSD Height Measurement" - seeking code revisions to amend how building height is measured in View Sensitive Overlay District.

Public Applications Being Considered  

In addition to private applications, there are public applications (i.e., proposed amendments initiated or requested by the City Council, the Planning Commission, and/or City departments) that are being compiled, as listed below, subject to change:

  • Council Consideration Request - Container Port Element Implementation
  • Director's Rule on Expanded Notification for Large Industrial Projects
  • Code Cleanups
  • Transportation Master Plan Amendment
  • Submitting Applications

    The process for submitting applications for 2017-2018 Amendment was open during January-March 2017 and is now closed. The application packet posted below serves as background information only: 

  • 2017-2018 Amendment Application Packet 
  • Staff Contacts

    Stephen Atkinson, (253) 591-5531, satkinson@cityoftacoma.org 
    Lihuang Wung, (253) 591-5682, lwung@cityoftacoma.org