Pacific Avenue Streetscape Project


The Pacific Avenue Streetscape project included installation of right-of-way improvements in a ten block area on Pacific Avenue from South 7th to South 17th streets. Key components were innovative stormwater design and pedestrian, bicycle, public transit and vehicle complete streets concepts. Improvements included new and upgraded sidewalks, new curbs and curb ramps, landscaping, public art, street furnishings, historic streetlights and roadway repaving. A new Eurocobble intersection at South 8th Street and a crisscross overhead lighting system from South 7th to South 9th streets create a new event space. Lastly, fourteen rain gardens now treat stormwater prior to it entering the Thea Foss Waterway below downtown.

Project Update - March 2014

Roadway Striping
All striping is complete with the exception of a few missing symbols.  These will be installed when the weather improves.

All sidewalk work is complete.

With the exception of minor deficencies that will be completed this month, all landscaping is complete.  The contractor will return in early summer to verify the irrigation system is working properly, and within a year to complete any warranty work and to conduct plant-establishment evaluations.

All electrical work is complete.

Sidewalk Amenities and Art
All of the project art and sidewalk amenities have been installed.  The colored spheres in the raingardens and on the sidewalk will be refinished when the weather improves.

All paving is complete, however a portion of the South 7th Street and Pacific Avenue intersection did not cure as expected and will be replaced by the Contractor in the Spring.  Notification will be provided to the public and the businesses in this area before this work occurs.

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