Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

Will You "Talk the Walk" With Us? 

The City of Tacoma is planning to spend $2.5 million in one-time funds on planning, designing and constructing pedestrian crossing improvements throughout the community. There will be $300,000 dispersed to each of the five council districts and $1 million to Downtown Tacoma.

Map of meeting locations and council districts

Traditionally, the City hasn't been able to budget for general pedestrian crossing improvements outside of the Hazardous Sidewalk Replacement program and ADA Transition Plan. Instead, improvements have been made as required by modern construction projects and as enabled through schoolchildren safety grants. That means there will be more needs than can be addressed with this one-time funding. Therefore, we’re also asking you to talk with us about how to prioritize pedestrian improvements.

In March and April we are asked residents to talk with us about their top locations in need of pedestrian crossing improvements. Over six meetings they considered the information presented on these meeting boards. We also received more than 250 online survey responses. 

Let's Keep Talking - Upcoming Meetings
The project team will summarize the outreach and ranking process as a result of this spring's feedback, present the list of ranked sites and discuss the project schedule.

Monday, June 30 
5:30 - 7:30 PM

Districts 1 & 2: Downtown, the tide flats, Northeast Tacoma, North Tacoma and the West End
Wells Fargo Courtyard Conference Rm. - 1201 Pacific Avenue

Wednesday, July 9
6 - 7 PM
Districts 3, 4 & 5: Central Tacoma, South Tacoma, the South End and East Side 

Blix Elementary School Cafeteria - 1302 E. 38th Street

Where We're Going Next
Your feedback also contributes to the City’s Transportation Master Plan, currently under development, to help determine future pedestrian-focused projects. Projects not able to be implemented initially may be addressed in the future.



Mark D’Andrea
Project Manager 
(253) 591-5518