Housing Division

The Housing Division of the Community & Economic Development Department provides service and technical assistance that ultimately results in safer, more attractive neighborhoods. We provide housing assistance and economic development services to primarily low-income and elderly residents.

Housing Assistance Services

The division works in partnership with the non-profit housing community to provide affordable housing options in Tacoma. In addition, we provide home repair and rehabilitation loanssewer conservation loanshomebuyer down payment assistance loans and affordable housing developer loans.

We also administer federally funded housing programs, such as the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) and Neighborhood Stabilization Program II. As part of this administrative responsibility, we annually adopt an Annual Action Plan (AAP) that outlines how the Housing Division will use its federal funding in the upcoming program year. Every five years we update the City of Tacoma’s Consolidated Plan. This document provides a framework for addressing housing, human services, community and economic development needs in Tacoma. The plan is required by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to apply for funds from the CDBG, HOME, and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) programs.

The Housing Division also works with neighborhood development organizations to improve rental and owner-occupied housing, eliminate blight, improve household and neighborhood safety and stimulate economic development.

Economic Development Services

The Housing Division works to stimulate economic growth by providing small business loans intended as gap financing for purposes such as acquisition, site improvements, working capital and equipment or machinery. Our loans result in job creation and a stronger business community.

Because of the Housing Division, the community benefits from increased job opportunities, affordable housing stock, reduced blight and crime and an overall sense of pride in the City’s neighborhoods.

Useful Housing and Community Development Documents & Resources


Contact us if you have questions about the Housing Division.

Carey Jenkins
Housing Division Manager
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Contract and Program Auditor
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Shannon Johnson
Contract and Program Auditor
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Cathy Morton
Contract and Program Auditor
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Sam Dailey
Housing Rehabilitation Specialist
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Senior Financial Analyst
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