Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance Program

The City of Tacoma offers a Down Payment Assistance (DPA) loan to eligible, first-time homebuyers purchasing either a foreclosed vacant single-family home or a vacant or owner-occupied single-family home through a short sale transaction. A DPA loan must be used to purchase a home in one of three targeted areas: Hilltop, Eastside or South Tacoma.  The loan is not intended for renters.

Program Eligibility

The homebuyer must meet a minimum contribution and have no more than six months of payment reserves in liquid assets at the time of purchase to be eligible for the Down Payment Assistance Program loan. Additionally, the homebuyer's annual household income must not exceed 120% of the area median income. See Annual Household Area Median Income table below to determine if you are eligible for a DPA loan.

The loan will become due and payable upon sale of the home or when you no longer reside in the home as a primary residence.


Annual Household Area Median Income (AMI)

Family Size  80% AMI 100% AMI 120% AMI
1 $37,550 $46,900 $56,280
2 $42,900 $53,600 $64,320
3 $48,250 $60,300 $72,360
4 $53,600 $67,000 $80,400
5 $57,900 $72,400 $86,800
$77,800 $93,360
$83,100 $99,720


$88,500 $106,200

Maximum Amount of Assistance

AMI Percentage Amount
Incomes up to 80% AMI   $20,000
Incomes up to 100% AMI $15,000
Incomes up to 120% AMI $10,000

Apply For a Down Payment Assistance Loan

Download the Program Guidelines in order to access required application forms. Incomplete applications will not be processed until all required documents are received. We require ten business days from the receipt of all required documents to process a DPA application.

Please read the Program Guidelines carefully. If you have additional questions, contact Gary Tiedeman at (253) 591-5219 or via email.