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September 20, 2013 Parking Changes

The City has a business and citizen-led Parking Task Force whose sole purpose is to tackle the responsibility of managing downtown parking in a way that best meets the needs of those who are the customers, clients and visitors to downtown. Three years ago, the City put paid parking into place as a way of ensuring parking space turnover – so that those coming into downtown to drop by a business or see a friend for just a few minutes could find a space to park. It was, and still is, designed to encourage those staying longer to use off-street parking options or alternative transportation.

It’s working! Drivers came downtown and used on-street parking more than 1 million times last year. Yet, after three years, one area’s popularity has exceeded expectations and needs to be addressed.

On September 20, the UW Tacoma area (Pacific Avenue and Jefferson Avenue from 17th to 21st) will shorten to 90 minutes.

Rates, however, stay the same. In addition, the “Saturday Special” deal (which allows visitors to pay $1.50 for all-day parking throughout downtown), will no longer apply in this area.

The goal is to make certain that the customers, clients and visitors of our local businesses are able to easily find on-street parking - one or two free spaces per block - even as Downtown becomes more and more popular.

Comments? The City of Tacoma’s Parking Manager, Eric Huseby, can pass them along to the parking commission. Contact him at (253) 591-5437 or via email.

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