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Fireman's Park

Fireman's Park Updates

Fireman's Park located at (801 A St.) has undergone safety enhancements and is open for public use. City of Tacoma staff have been soliciting feedback, through the City’s website and at events, on how the community would like to use the park. 

The next planning phase for the park covers tree plantings, some landscaping and seating options. The Port of Tacoma, in partnership with the City’s Office of Arts & Cultural Vitality, is commissioning new artwork commemorating the Port’s 100th anniversary for Fireman’s Park. Local artist team Rotator Creative was recently selected for the project through a competitive process. 

The community is encouraged to continue to enjoy the park and visualize where these community resources can be placed. 

For additional information, contact Jennifer Hines at jhines@cityoftacoma.org or (253) 591-5320.


Safety Enhancements at Fireman’s Park

From December 2018 through May 2019, safety enhancements were underway at Fireman’s Park and included the removal of trees, bushes and rocks. The new configuration of the park has created an ideal setting for future tree, bench and public art placement.

The enhancements will include:

  • Better visibility for park goers

  • More flat grass spaces

  • Less mobility obstacles

  • New Fall Prevention Barriers

Artwork and monuments that were removed from the park during the work period will be re-installed once work is completed.

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact the project manager, Darius Thompson, at (253) 573-2410 or by email at 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is going on at Fireman’s Park?

The City conducted a site reclamation project to address public safety concerns, while adding safety enhancements to increase visibility and create a more welcoming space for all residents and visitors. 

The City’s Public Works Department removed rocks, timbers, bushes and trees and flattened the lot and planted grass. Fencing was added on the Schuster Slope side of the park as a temporary fall protection barrier.


What Outreach Has Been or is Being Planned

A community meeting was held on Wednesday, December 5, 2018, for residents to speak with City staff, provide feedback and ask questions.


During the summer of 2019, the City will hold outreach meetings to find out how the community envisions using the park. More information on these meetings is to come. 

What was the Initial Project Timeline?

The site reclamation project began in the middle of December and the work was completed in May 2019.

Were the artwork and monuments removed?

The City removed the artwork and monuments during the project to protect them while the work was being done. It is still the City’s plan to reinstall all art and monuments at the completion of the project.


Will these renovations reduce homeless people in park?

Fireman’s Park was identified for improvements as a result of safety and security concerns in the area. Bringing the park to street grade should make the park safer for all users by allowing better visibility to activity in the park.  

Will the City be adding additional landscaping?

At this time, the City is planning to plant grass. The City has not allocated additional funding in the 2019-2020 biennium for site activation work at Fireman’s Park, although funding may be allocated in future funding cycles.

Is it possible to fence off an area for service dogs to run?

The project plan will bring the park to street grade. The City will be working on identifying funding for additional improvements in future funding cycles. A dog park is most likely not an option for this location due to maintenance, management and liability issues.

Is it possible to get more lights and cameras on the alley behind the building?

Improvements such as lighting and cameras are the responsibility of the building owner. The City does offer a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) survey aimed at suggesting safety improvements for private property.  If you are interested in arranging a CPTED survey, please contact 311 or visit us online.