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Sound Transit Awards City of Tacoma $3.5 Million

City of Tacoma Receives $3.5 Million Sound Transit Award


September 26, 2019



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City of Tacoma Receives $3.5 Million Sound Transit Award


On September 26, Sound Transit announced that the City of Tacoma was awarded $3.5 million from its Station Access Fund to supplement the Tacoma Link Extension Stations with a complete streetscape rebuild.

“The $3.5 million award from Sound Transit’s Station Access Fund supports the City’s streetscape rebuild around the Tacoma Link Extension stations,” said Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards. “This streetscape rebuild, which was directed by a dedicated group of Hilltop community members and stakeholders on the Hilltop Engagement Committee, is now complete and I am extremely proud of all that has been accomplished.”

The City’s project is one of 30 projects from around the region that the Sound Transit Board awarded funding.


“The award we received from Sound Transit completes our $10.5 million construction budget, and I would like to extend my appreciation to everyone involved,” said District 3 Council Member Keith Blocker. “The Hilltop Engagement Committee, a City Council-appointed committee that met monthly over a two-year period to oversee the work of architects and engineers involved in the streetscape rebuild, found themselves in a position to write a wholehearted letter of support to Sound Transit, an endorsement that was essential to the project being selected through Sound Transit’s competitive awards process.”


More information about the City’s Planning and Development Services is available at cityoftacoma.org/PDS. More information about the Tacoma Link Extension Station project, visit soundtransit.org/htlink.