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Tacoma Mall Area to Get a Comprehensive, Closer Look

Tacoma Mall Area to Get a Closer Look


May 22, 2014


Gwen Schuler, Media and Communications, gschuler@cityoftacoma.org, (253) 591-5160
Carrie McCausland, Media and Communications, cmccausland@cityoftacoma.org, (253) 591-2005


Tacoma Mall Area to Get a Comprehensive, Closer Look


Thanks to a $250,000 National Estuary Program grant, Planning and Development Services Department staff will soon begin work on a Tacoma Mall subarea plan and environmental impact statement. Public participation is expected to begin this fall and will continue into 2016.


Targeted subarea plans set the stage for the right growth in the right location by:

  • Identifying area-wide environmental impacts of growth and development,
  • Working with the community to create a common long range vision, and
  • Leveraging public and private partnerships to stimulate the envisioned population and employment growth in a desired manner.


The Tacoma Mall effort will include a strong focus on public outreach to the resident and business communities. Another focus will be assessing area-wide infrastructure needs, including innovative stormwater management techniques and the feasibility of complete street improvements, meaning improved transportation options for pedestrians and bicyclists in addition to drivers.


The Tacoma Mall area is a regionally designated growth center with significant capacity for jobs and housing in areas with the benefit of nearby transit services. That’s relevant because to meet the region’s goals for resource protection, climate change, smart growth, and sustainability, as called for in the Puget Sound Regional Council’s VISION 2040 and in the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Tacoma must plan to accommodate a significant share of the central Puget Sound region’s population and employment growth.


City staff have recently completed a subarea plan for the South Downtown and Hilltop neighborhoods and a plan for North Downtown is currently in process. The Tacoma Mall subarea plan effort is expected to run through 2016.