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Tacoma Fire Department Mourns Loss of 12-Year Veteran

Tacoma Fire Department Mourns Loss of 12-Year Veteran

May 14, 2013


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Tacoma Fire Department Mourns the Loss of 12-Year Veteran



On-duty Firefighter Albert A. Nejmeh, a 12-year veteran of the Tacoma Fire Department, died shortly before noon today at St. Joseph Medical Center after suffering an apparent heart attack this morning while working at the scene of an emergency medical incident. After Firefighter Nejmeh collapsed, he received immediate basic and advanced life support from his fellow firefighters, who then transported him to the hospital. 


“Al was a well-loved and well-regarded Tacoma Firefighter,” said Fire Chief Jim Duggan. “As a member of our technical rescue team, he continued to hone his craft and teach it to others. He lived a genuine and deliberate life. We will miss him.”  


The Fire Department would like to thank the physicians, nurses and staff at the St. Joseph Medical Center’s emergency department and catheter lab who worked valiantly to save Nejmeh’s life.


Details regarding the memorial service will be announced at a later date.