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Make Reducing Holiday Waste a Tradition

Make Reducing Holiday Waste a Tradition

December 06, 2013

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Make Reducing Holiday Waste a Tradition this Season

As holiday preparations start or maybe start to wrap up, consider what can be recycled and reused to reduce waste.

The City ‘s solid waste management staff wants to remind residents to consider recycling, reusing and composting options this holiday season.

“Much of the packaging and the wrapping paper we use around the holidays is easily recyclable,” said Jetta Antonakos, City of Tacoma environmental specialist for solid waste management. “You can put much of the paper, plastic, cardboard and metals in your blue curbside container and food waste can be placed in your yard waste container.”

Yet, not everything can be recycled, so it becomes important to know what can be added to your curbside recycling, taken to the Tacoma Recycling Center or may just have to be thrown in the garbage. A full list of what can be recycled can be found at TacomaRecycles.org.

For residents who already are thinking blue and brown bins first and want to reduce their amount of holiday waste further, some simple ideas include:

• Using recyclable wrapping materials
• Using reusable wrapping materials, such as pillow cases, cloth napkins or dish towels
• Wrapping presents inside other presents
• Avoiding items in excessive and unrecyclable packaging

“An even better alternative for a holiday present is to give the gift on an experience,” Antonakos said. “Giving a gift certificate or a donation to a charity is one of the most basic ways we can reduce holiday waste.”