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HOME Canvassing Initiative will Launch This Month

HOME Canvassing Initiative will Launch This Month

Nov. 12, 2015

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HOME Canvassing Initiative will Launch in November

In October, 68 Tacoma homes were scheduled for foreclosure auction. Foreclosures are still a reality for many homeowners in Tacoma. To help educate homeowners and tenants about resources and how to access them to avoid foreclosure, the City of Tacoma has partnered with Seattle University School of Law’s Foreclosure Mediation and Outreach Project to launch a canvassing effort HOME – Home Ownership Mediation and Education.


Trained canvassers will be knocking on Tacoma doors in neighborhoods where the foreclosure rate is high to provide resource packets and information to homeowners and tenants who may be facing foreclosure.


“We recognize that for many in our community the threat of foreclosure is a very real concern,” said Nadia Chandler Hardy, Neighborhood and Community Services Department Director. “For those in our community facing foreclosure we want them to be educated about resources and ways to avoid losing their homes, which is why we are launching this canvassing initiative.”


Canvassers will begin outreach in late November and continue through February. The outreach includes a packet of materials with information about foreclosure prevention help, low-income resources and rebates, as well as information for tenants.


Existing programs and services are already making a difference by providing free homeownership counseling and connection to foreclosure mediation and other services to struggling homeowners. Unfortunately, only 10% of homeowners facing foreclosure are taking advantage of these resources, according to the Department of Financial Institutions. Resulting foreclosures have led to significant personal and community losses, especially in communities of color.


“We want this program to help people learn about and access existing city, county, state and federal programs,” Chandler Hardy said. “Keeping people in their homes helps create stronger, healthier communities.”


For more information or to request ways to help, please contact Angeline Thomas, Foreclosure Mediation and Outreach Project Staff Attorney at 206.398.4304 or by email at thomasan@seattleu.edu.