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Environmental Action Plan

City Council Adopts Resolution Supporting Comprehensive Environmental Action Plan


April 22, 2016



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City Council Adopts Resolution Supporting Comprehensive Environmental Action Plan


The Tacoma City Council adopted Resolution No. 39427 on Tuesday, April 19, supporting a comprehensive Environmental Action Plan. This Plan includes specific, prioritized actions needed to implement the City of Tacoma’s existing environmental policies and goals. These goals center around environmental quality, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while also benefiting public health and the local economy. 


Actions for the plan are identified in six categories, including buildings and energy; transportation; materials management; natural systems; air and local food; and climate resilience. It also specifies which actions will be made within City operations and other actions that would affect general life in Tacoma.


“The Environmental Action Plan outlines the actions that our City government and local community will take over the next five years,” said Mayor Marilyn Strickland. “This means more efficient City operations; promoting policies that encourage compact, walkable, bike-friendly neighborhoods; advocating for reliable public transportation; and responding to the challenges of climate change that affect our health and quality of life."


The plan was prepared by the City’s Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability with collaboration across City departments, a steering committee and input from the general public.


To view the full plan, visit cityoftacoma.org/EAP or contact Chief Sustainability Officer Jim Parvey at (253) 502-2273 or email sustainability@cityoftacoma.org for more information.