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Core Coordinating Team Appointed

City Council Appoints First Members of Core Coordinating Team for Heal the Heart of Tacoma Initiative


December 8, 2020



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City Council Appoints First Members of Core Coordinating Team for Heal the Heart of Tacoma Initiative


TACOMA, Wash. – The Tacoma City Council has approved Resolution 40708, appointing individuals recommended by the Community Vitality and Safety Committee, the Commission on Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, and the Human Rights Commission to the Heal the Heart of Tacoma initiative's Core Coordinating Team.


Heal the Heart of Tacoma, established by Mayor Victoria Woodards and the Tacoma City Council in October 2020, is grounded in Resolution 40622. It aims to spark long term change that strengthens and heals communities, provides the foundation necessary to achieve greater equity in service delivery, and increases trust in local institutions. The Core Coordinating Team is comprised of community members dedicated to social justice who will play an active role in shaping a community-led, community-wide, multi-sector effort to transform Tacoma into an anti-racist community.


The initial Core Coordinating Team for Heal the Heart of Tacoma has 17 members, approximately half of whom are Black. Asian, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, Latinx, and other perspectives are also represented on this team. As a whole, the team includes residents from every Council District.


  • Marcia Tate Arunga
  • Lawrence Coleman
  • Keysha-Rae Cooper
  • Kayla Davis
  • Ronnie Gordon
  • Fahren Johnson
  • Bruce Kadden
  • Marquis King Mason
  • Annalycia Matthews
  • Vhonda McElroy
  • Salvador Mungia
  • Anna Nepomuceno
  • Priya Saxena
  • Vanna Sing
  • Anaid Yerena
  • Patricia Flores as the Commission on Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Representative
  • Verda Washington as the Human Services Commission Representative
  • Chris Tubig as the alternate


“This is an exciting and defining moment for the Heal the Heart Initiative, and I believe we have the greatest opportunity for true, transformative change when we create space for the community to lead,” said Mayor Victoria Woodards. “The City Council and I expressed a desire to create a model of anti-racist systems transformation that would be tailored to the specific needs of the Tacoma community, and the Core Coordinating Team will add great value, insights and expertise to this effort. As we embark on this new and innovative approach, we as a city and a community will be learning together as we go. I welcome the lessons and growth that will come through this process.”


"I am excited to appoint these individuals from a pool of more than 135 candidates who have shown dedication and passion for helping with our systems transformation efforts, and efforts to develop an anti-racist organization, with an initial focus on policing.  I look forward to seeing what comes from this important group," said Deputy Mayor Keith Blocker.


In October, the City Council committed $75,000 to provide participants with initial facilitation support and start-up resources for this initiative. Additionally, Mayor Woodards is currently working to finalize the details of a stipend that can be provided to Core Coordinating Team members in recognition of the time and expertise they bring to the table.


Details and updates on Heal the Heart of Tacoma are available at cityoftacoma.org/healtheheart.