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City of Tacoma Urges Residents to Prepare for Cold Weather

City of Tacoma Urges Residents to Prepare for Cold Weather


November 4, 2022



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City of Tacoma Urges Residents to Prepare for Cold Weather


This year the weather changed rapidly. Weather forecasts are predicting rain and snow next week with temperatures in the low 40s during the day and dropping to around or below freezing overnight. The City of Tacoma is encouraging residents to prepare for the cold.

Cold can be dangerous to all people, and older adults, people with health concerns and children are at a greater risk.

“There are things everyone can do now to be ready for winter inclement weather,” said Tacoma Fire PIO Joe Meinecke. “Think about wearing layers, checking flashlights and having spare batteries and water in your home.”

Don’t leave children, dependent adults or pets in parked vehicles, and infants less than one year old should never sleep in a cold room because they lose body heat more easily than adults. Body temperatures can quickly drop to a level that can result in death.

Things to do to stay warm and safe during winter inclement weather:

  • Heat your home safely.
  • Light your home safely.
  • Use generators and other appliances safely.
  • Conserve heat.
  • Make sure babies and older adults stay warm.
  • Keep a water supply.

The City is continuing to conduct outreach to unhoused neighbors to connect them with shelter and resources.

For people who need shelter resources, during inclement weather, when temperatures are at 32 degrees or below or 35 degrees and raining, Catholic Community Services will open 40 inclement weather beds and Tacoma Rescue Mission will expand operations to provide 35 beds for inclement weather. Additionally, Tacoma Rescue Mission will open 50 beds for inclement weather season from November 21, 2022 through March 2023. 

Additionally, facilities are available at Lighthouse Activity Center (5016 A Street) and Beacon Activity Center (415 South 13th Street) during business hours for people older than 60. For more information visit kwacares.org/our-services/senior-centers/senior-activity-centers, and the Tacoma Public Library branches are another option for staying warm. They are open on a Tuesday through Saturday schedule. For more information visit tacomalibrary.org.

“The City is grateful to our homelessness shelter providers who work tirelessly to support our community especially those who are experiencing homelessness,” said Caleb Carbone Homeless Strategy, Systems and Services Manager at the City of Tacoma. “Our shelter providers serve people experiencing homelessness daily and are expecting to add 125 beds for people who want shelter during our inclement weather response.”

For more information about the City’s inclement weather resources, visit cityoftacoma.org/inclementresources.