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City Council Approves Climate Emergency Resolution

City Council Approves Climate Emergency Resolution


December 10, 2019



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City Council Approves Climate Emergency Resolution


The Tacoma City Council passed Resolution No. 40509 on Tuesday, December 10, declaring a climate emergency in Tacoma, and affirming Council’s support of initiatives that mitigate impacts.


The Puyallup Tribal Council also passed a resolution on December 10, declaring a climate emergency in Tacoma. These resolutions affirm each government’s mutual interests to address a regionally comprehensive and coordinated effort to combat climate change.


“By passing this resolution, the City of Tacoma has both declared a climate emergency and defined concrete actions to be taken in response. Among the many issues addressed, the City is committed to updating our Environmental Action Plan to reflect the urgency of climate change while defining a pathway to reaching the City’s carbon reduction goals by 2050,” said Mayor Victoria Woodards. "To our youth who have spoken up on this issue, we heard the issues you raised at the Climate Strike. Your voice is powerful, and I hope you will stay engaged on this important issue.” 


The City’s Environmental Action Plan (EAP) will be updated by April 2021. This resolution directs the EAP to include a more significant focus on climate and environmental justice initiatives. The resolution also calls for City staff to receive education and engagement on climate issues. This will include employee trainings on climate science and equity to ensure awareness of how climate change impacts the delivery of services to the community and capital improvements.


“In consultation with local youth leaders, I am excited to offer this resolution as a major milestone to address the urgent need for action towards reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and to do everything in our power as policymakers and the community to achieve this goal,” said Council Member Ryan Mello. “We no longer have the luxury to make progress incrementally – the threats demand urgent and unprecedented action and that is what this resolution works to achieve.” 


For more information on the EAP, visit cityoftacoma.org/EAP or contact (253) 591-5172 or email sustainability@cityoftacoma.org.