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Changes to Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations Now in Effect

Changes to Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations Now in Effect


May 1, 2019



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Stacy Ellifritt, Media and Communications, stacy.ellifritt@cityoftacoma.org, (253) 591-2005


Changes to Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations Now in Effect


The Tacoma City Council adopted Ordinance No. 28576 on Tuesday, March 19, passing a package of changes to the City's Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations. Those changes are now in effect, and an updated tip sheet and ADU Design Guide are currently posted on TacomaPermits.org.


Accessory Dwelling Units are an infill housing option intended to provide flexibility to homeowners and increase the variety of housing options and price points, consistent with the scale and character of residential neighborhoods.


"The Council is committed to ensuring Tacoma has vibrant communities that stay affordable for our most vulnerable residents," said District 5 Council Member Chris Beale. "Expanded access to ADUs will provide much needed housing alternatives that are particularly valuable for families seeking multigenerational housing options and seniors seeking to age in place. We will also see more density through residential infill, a key strategy to increase livability throughout the city."


The adopted regulations include amendments to various sections of the Tacoma Municipal Code, Title 13 – Land Use Regulatory Code, allowing detached accessory dwelling units in various single family zoning districts, which were previously only permitted through the Residential Infill Pilot Program. The changes have simplified the code and created additional flexibility for both attached and detached accessory dwelling units.


To find out more about ADUs, visit cityoftacoma.org/DADU or contact Senior Planner Elliott Barnett at elliott.barnett@cityoftacoma.org, or call (253) 591-5389.