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Apply for the Tacoma Creates Advisory Board

Apply for the Tacoma Creates Advisory Board


December 19, 2019



Lisa Jaret, Staff Liaison, LJaret@cityoftacoma.org, (253) 591-5161


Applicants Sought for the Tacoma Creates Advisory Board


The Tacoma City Council is currently seeking applications for 11 positions on the Tacoma Creates Advisory Board:

  • Council Districts (Five Positions): One community member from each of the Council Districts
  • Professional Expertise (Six Positions): One community member with professional expertise in each of the following: arts, culture, heritage, science, Pre-K - 12 public education in Tacoma, and expertise in community engagement or community development. 

All applicants must be residents of the City of Tacoma; familiar with public programming in arts, culture, heritage, and/or science; and interested in Tacoma Creates goals regarding equity, access, and programs that provide public benefit for residents across Tacoma.

The Tacoma Creates Advisory Board will be comprised of 12 volunteer members recommended by the Economic Development Committee and appointed by the City Council. In addition to the positions outlined above, a representative from the Mayor’s Youth Commission will fill the youth position. For the initial board appointments, terms will be staggered as follows: four members, for a one-year term; four members, for a two-year term; four members, for a three-year term. Thereafter, all terms shall be for three years, with the exception of the youth position which will be a one-year appointment.

The Board advises Tacoma Creates Administration on funding programs to support public benefit in arts, culture, heritage, and science programs throughout Tacoma. Its purpose is to guide program development and approve funding recommendations for the benefit of all residents of Tacoma. The primary responsibility of the Advisory Board is to ensure compliance with Tacoma Creates guidelines and accountability standards. The Advisory Board's functions are outlined in Tacoma Municipal Code.

Tacoma Creates strongly supports inclusion, equity and access. People who are members of historically disenfranchised racial, ethnic, cultural, and other identity groups are encouraged to apply.

Individuals who have any financial interest in a cultural organization seeking Tacoma Creates funding may not serve on the Advisory Board. This includes anyone receiving payment as staff, contractor, or any other capacity. Individuals who are affiliated with a cultural organization as a volunteer, but who receive no financial compensation, may apply to serve on the Advisory Board. These individuals will be required to recuse themselves from any vote that impacts an organization with which they are affiliated.

The Advisory Board will hold its public meetings on the first Monday of every month at 5:30 PM in the Tacoma Municipal Building, 747 Market St., 2nd floor, Room 248. Regular attendance at these monthly meetings is required; meetings generally last two hours. Beyond monthly meetings, Advisory Board members will occasionally participate in application review panels and will serve as outreach ambassadors to arts, culture, heritage, and science organizations, and the general public. When requested, Advisory Board members will be issued Pierce Transit bus passes as required to attend monthly board meetings and related board programs and appointments.

Additional information on Tacoma Creates is available on the City’s website or from Lisa Jaret at (253) 591-5161 or LJaret@cityoftacoma.org.

Applications must be submitted to the City Clerk’s Office by Sunday, January 26, 2020. To apply, please visit cityoftacoma.org/cbcapplication or contact Michelle Emery at (253) 591-5178 or servetacoma@cityoftacoma.org