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Tacoma Creates Advisory Board


The Tacoma Creates Advisory Board was created to act in an advisory capacity to the Tacoma Creates administration on funding programs to support public benefit in arts, culture, heritage, and science programs throughout Tacoma.


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The Tacoma Creates Advisory Board consists of 12 members appointed by City Council. All members will be residents of Tacoma. All members will have interest in and familiarity with public programming in arts, culture, heritage, and/or science. The Advisory Board will consist of the following volunteer members: Five community members representing each of the Council Districts; four individuals with professional experience related to arts, culture, heritage, or science; one individual with professional experience in Pre-K-12 public education in Tacoma, one individual with expertise in community engagement/community development; and one representative from the Mayor’s Youth Commission.


Current Members

Advisory Board Members Appointed Position  Term Expiration
Vacant Arts August 31, 2023
Putter Bert Council District 2 August 31, 2024
Megan Clark Council District 5  August 31, 2022 
Sheree Cooks Council District 4 August 31, 2023
Amanda Figueroa Science August 31, 2023
Vacant Heritage August 31, 2023
Roxane Hreha Public Education August 31, 2024
Michael "Tony" Hudson Culture August 31, 2022 
Vacant Youth  August 31, 2022
Vacant Council District 3 August 31, 2024
Liesl Santkuyl Council District 1 August 31, 2022
Davon White Community Engagement August 31, 2022



Duties and Responsibilities

The Board advises the Office of Arts & Cultural Vitality on program outcomes and stewardship of funds. Its purpose is to guide program development and approve funding recommendations for the benefit of all residents of Tacoma. The primary responsibility of the Advisory Board is to ensure compliance to Tacoma Creates guidelines and accountability standards.


Tacoma Creates Advisory Board Application

Board members are appointed by City Council, following an application and interview process. To apply for the Tacoma Creates Advisory Board, please visit the Committees, Boards, and Commissions page.

The Advisory Board, as a whole, will reflect the diversity of the City; board appointments will take into account racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender, age, and other aspects of personal and professional identity.


Advisory Board Conflict of Interest Explanation

Individuals who have any financial interest in a cultural organization seeking Tacoma Creates funding may not serve on the Advisory Board. This includes anyone receiving payment as staff, contractor, or any other capacity. Individuals who are affiliated with a cultural organization as a volunteer, but who receive no financial compensation, may apply to serve on the Advisory Board. These individuals will be required to 

recuse themselves from any vote that impacts an organization with which they are affiliated.


Staff Support

Staffing support to the Tacoma Creates Advisory Board is provided by the Office of Arts & Cultural Vitality.

Date and Time

5:30 PM

First Monday of the Month



Room 248

Tacoma Municipal Building

747 Market Street

Tacoma, WA 98402


Meetings are open to the public.


Additional Information

Staff Liaison 

Lisa Jaret

(253) 591-5161