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Fiscal Sustainability Task Force


The purpose of the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force is to provide a mechanism for members of the Government Performance and Finance Committee, along with private and public sector partners, non-profit interests and labor partners, to closely examine the City's revenue structure and structural budget deficit.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Task Force is charged with determining if there are both short and long term solutions to enhance revenues and/or reduce expenses in ways the City has not considered. The desired outcome is to ensure the financial integrity and service levels of the City. The Task Force will also study both the revenue and expense side of the structural deficit to see what steps the City can take to better manage these challenges.

The Task Force shall be responsible for the duties listed below and any other related tasks that might be added by the City Council or Government Performance and Finance Committee:

  • Review and understand the City's revenues, expenditures and tax burden
  • Generate and vet at least five to ten promising revenue changes/enhancements and expense reduction measures that can be explored or implemented to address the City's structural budget gap in a sustainable manner
  • Develop a final report with an executive summary and recommendations
  • After presentation and acceptance of the final report by the Government Performance and Finance Committee, this Task Force shall dissolve.

Final Report

On November 20, 2013 representatives from the Fiscal Sustainability Task Force presented a final report to the Government Performance and Finance Committee. The report outlines 28 recommendations presented in three parts:
  1. General Observations and Policy Recommendations;
  2. Efficiencies and Expenditure Reductions;
  3. Revenues.
The final report and presentation are made available in the links below.
Fiscal Sustainability Task Force Final Report
Final Report Presentation

Task Force Members

Pierson Clair, B&O Wholesaling Tax

Scott Ramsey, B&O Retailing Tax

Tyler Shillito, B&O Service Tax

Eva Bowen, Citizen Representative

Jenny Harris, Citizen Representative

Reggie Frederick, Cross District Association

Ken Kingsbury, Community Council

Lois Bernstein, Non-Profit Healthcare Large

Jim Leonard, Non-Profit Healthcare Small

Ryan Mudie, Local 31 Fire Fighters Union

Christopher Tracy, Local 6 Police Union

Toby Murray, Chamber of Commerce

Andrew Buelow, Cultural Arts and Entertainment

Roberta Marsh, Human Services

Lyle Quasim, Black Collective

Allan Trinkwald, Executive Council

Troy Goodman, Tacoma Economic Development Board

Gary Gilchrist, Auto Dealers

Alternate Members
William King, Community Council
Budd Wagner, Non-Profit Healthcare Large
Ruth Smith, Non-Profit Healthcare Small
Matt Frank, Local 31 Fire Fighters Union
Terry Krause, Local 6 Police Union
Brian Haynes, Chamber of Commerce
Kit Evans, Cultural Arts and Entertainment
Nick Leider, Human Serices
Bill Dickens, Black Collective
Emily Hall, Executive Council
Bruce Kendall, Tacoma Economic Development Board
Mary Bryne, Auto Dealers

Joint Labor Representative Alice Phillips asked to be removed from the Task Force membership on October 24, 2013 due to scheduling conflicts.

Staff Support

Andy Cherullo, Finance Director
Tadd Wille, Budget Officer
Susan Ramirez, Assistant Finance Director
Danielle Larson, Tax and License Division Manager
Ebony Peebles, Management and Budget Manager
Teresa Green, Management and Budget Office
Katie Johnston, Management and Budget Office
Mary Reddin, Management and Budget Office

Time and Day

4 PM - 6 PM on the following dates:

June 19
July 10
July 24
August 7
August 21
September 11
September 25
October 16
October 30
November 13



Tacoma Public Library
Main Branch
Olympic Room
1102 Tacoma Avenue South
Tacoma, WA 98402

The August 21 meeting will be held at
Tacoma Municipal Building
747 Market Street, Room 708
Tacoma, WA 98402


Additional Information
Michelle Roose
Finance Department Office Manager
(253) 591-5803