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Yakima Avenue Bridge Deck Repair

Project Description

The project will provide an enhanced driving surface across the Yakima Avenue Bridge, pedestrian facilities, and bicycle route connecting the Tacoma’s South End neighborhoods to the Tacoma downtown area. This project will install a new cement concrete overlay on the bridge deck, new bridge deck expansion joints, and other minor bridge repairs. New bicycle accommodations extending to the north and south of the bridge will be incorporated to the pavement restriping for the project. ADA improvements to curb ramps will also be provided at the mid-block crossing between the Yakima Avenue Bridge and the Interstate 5 (I-5) Bridge, and at the crossing of the east side Northbound Center Street off-ramp. Rectangular Reflective Flashing Beacons will be installed at the mid-block crossing.


Yakima Map


Project Updates

A contract was awarded to Razz Construction, Inc. of Bellingham, WA for the infrastructure improvements to the Yakima Avenue Bridge.



Project Funding


Funding Source
BRAC Grant $2,990,000              
1085 Streets Initiative (Grant Match)        $   725,000                   




Design $  175,000
Construction $3,540,000
Total $3,715,000




Estimated Start Date
Estimated Completion Date
Design February 2019 Completed February 2020
Ad & Award    February 2020 Completed June 2020
Construction (Weather Dependent) July 2020

Spring 2021


Contact Us

Please contact Basel Kitmitto, Project Manager, at (253) 591-5448 or by email with questions, concerns, or comments.