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Crime Reduction Plan

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Chief Moore Presents the Violent Crime Reduction Plan to City Council

The Tacoma Police Department is focused on reducing crime through its Violent Crime Reduction Plan, a product of work by Tacoma Police Department analysts and experienced criminologists from the University of Texas, San Antonio. The plan is an evidence-based plan based on sound science with proven success in other major cities. The plan consists of:

  • Near-term: hot spots policing
  • Mid-term: problem-oriented, place-based policing
  • Long-term: focused deterrence

Twenty-five years of research shows that hot spots policing works, with a 10 to 50 percent reduction in crime. Also, research shows that crime is not simply displaced to neighboring areas.

The Tacoma Police Department will NOT employ tactics that involve over-policing, “stop and frisk,” or “zero-tolerance policing”, but rather a specific approach to minimizing violence in certain areas. By focusing on reducing violent crime in the most violence-prone areas, the department can help reduce not just violent crime but aggregate levels of violence citywide. The approach to reducing crime through this plan involves the community, city agencies and other stakeholders, and we appreciate our partnerships as we all work together to reduce crime. 

On July 12, 2022, Chief of Police Avery L. Moore presented the department’s crime plan to the Tacoma City Council. Use these links to view:


Read the Full Violent Crime Reduction Plan


Tacoma Police Department Provides Update on the Violent Crime Reduction Plan on February 14, 2023

An update on the Violent Crime Reduction Plan was presented during the City Council Study Session on February 14, 2023.

During the presentation, Tacoma Police Chief Avery Moore and consultants from the University of Texas at San Antonio gave a presentation that included an overview of the Violent Crime Reduction Plan’s hot spot approach, Phase 1 outcomes from the first five months of implementation, and a discussion about ongoing efforts and next steps to develop a mid-term strategy. 

Tacoma Violent Crime Reduction Project Period 2 Presentation

Council Study Session: 90-day Violent Crime Reduction Plan Update presentation from November 1, 2022 

View the 90-Day Violent Crime Reduction Plan Update Presentation

To see the presentation, go to cityoftacoma.org/TVTacoma.