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Downtown Tacoma - Regional Growth Center

Downtown Subarea Plan

Downtown Tacoma is a designated Regional Growth Center with zoning districts that are the most intensive in the city, allowing development heights from 90 feet in the Downtown Residential District to 400 feet in the Downtown Commercial Core. The Downtown Regional Center subarea plans have been developed in accordance with the Growing Transit Communities Compact and zoning capacity is sufficient to accommodate planned growth of 76,200 new residents and 67,900 new jobs by 2040.

The City and the Downtown business and community groups worked collaboratively for more than two years to prepare a Subarea Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Hilltop (MLK) District, North Downtown, and South Downtown, to encourage development and revitalization of these areas over the next 20 years.

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From Plan to Projects:

Planning Contact

Ian Munce

Special Assistant to the Director


Economic Development Contact

Pat Beard

Project Manager