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2023 Proctor Depave

Depave with us!


Proctor Business District Depave and Tree Planting: Phase 1

The Proctor Business District Depave and Tree Replacement and Planting Project - Phase 1, as part of the Proctor Neighborhood Planning Project, is getting underway in 2023, and we need you in on the planning! The project is a partnership with the community, Proctor Business District property owners and the North End Neighborhood Council. It is receiving partial funding and coordination from the Pierce Conservation District and the City of Tacoma.

Proctor Business District Map


Why Depave?
Healthier trees and less paved landscaping strips help control stormwater runoff, prevent flooding, and reduce urban heat island impacts, creating a more climate resilient community. It also helps refresh the business district look and feel for neighbors and customers. 


The Depave Project is looking for property owners interested in opting in to partner with us on tree-planting and depaving in front of their property, with a special focus on the core Proctor area shown in the map.  This is an opt-in program for those businesses and property owners who wish to participate. To opt-in, please fill out this form! No tree removal or new trees will be planted without the written consent of the adjacent property owner.


Get Involved!
The first planning meeting will be at 5:30 PM
Monday, February 6, 2023, on ZOOM.
Meeting ID – 816 4910 2848
Passcode – 123456
Dial to Join - 253-215-8782

Link to join 



We look forward to connecting with business and property owners in Proctor.  If you are interested in learning more, depaving or planting new street
trees adjacent to your property within the Proctor Business District, contact:

Shauna Hansen
Tacoma Environmental Services Depave Coordinator



Proctor Residents

If you are a resident or property owner outside of the business district and/or not included in Phase 1, you can still contact Grit City Trees for information on residential tree planting resources.