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Contracting Process

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The contracting process involves identifying what services will be provided, who the program will serve, the portion of the budget that the City will be funding, the amount of service the program will provide (i.e. how many Tacoma residents the program will serve, etc.), and what outcomes the program hopes to have as a result of the program.  


The minimum Human Services funding allocation is $20,000 a year. City contracts are on calendar or fiscal cycles for two years, with annual reviews conducted by the Human Services Commission. Renewal of the contract for a second year, where applicable, is dependent on performance.

Please take the time to review the Human Services Contracting Policies.

Reporting Requirements

During the contract period, agencies are required to report monthly on the amount of service provided and the demographics of clients served including the age, gender, race, and income level. Additionally, the program is required to submit an Outcome Based Evaluation report annually, with data sheets every six months. Programs are also monitored to ensure that the accounting and reporting requirements are being met. Site visits are conducted at least every two years. 


All of this information is compiled by the Human Services Planning and Contracting Section and used to determine the overall impact of the service being provided. The Human Services Commission (HSC) and City Council also use the information to make future funding decisions if a grant renewal is sought by the agency in the subsequent grant period.

Contact Information

747 Market Street
Room 836
Tacoma, WA 98402

Christopher Wright
Contract and Program Auditor
(253) 591-5075