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For Youth and Young Adults

Youth and Young Adult Drop-In Center Community Discussions


Creating a Safe Place, Like a Youth and Young Adult Drop-in Center Benefits Us All

The City is hosting three community outreach meetings to discuss its proposal to develop 5401 S. Tacoma Way into a center for youth and young adults who are experiencing a housing crisis to access services. 


The meetings will be at the Asia Pacific Cultural Center (4851 S. Tacoma Way) on these dates:

Thursday, October 20 from 2-4 PM
Thursday, November 3 from 6-8 PM
Thursday, November 17 from 6-8 PM

The drop-in center is intended to function as a day center where youth and young adults will receive:

  • Service navigation assistance
  • Access to employment
  • Education opportunities
  • During its non-operating hours as a day center, it will serve as an emergency overnight shelter serving young adults between the ages of 18-24.


Youth and young adult homelessness looks very different than adult and family homelessness.


Often youth and young adults couch surf, avoid shelters and areas with other people experiencing homelessness and are often difficult to identify. According to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, more than 4,000 students in Pierce County schools were homeless during the 2013-14 school year.


Youth who experience homelessness are at much higher risks for sexual exploitation, mental illness, drug use and chronic homelessness as they often are unable to continue in school.


The majority of youth who are experiencing homelessness report the cause as:


They were kicked out of their homes/or living environment
Left their home/or living environment due to sexual abuse
Left their home/or living environment due to physical abuse




Rebuilding HOPE! Sexual Assault Center in Pierce County has a drop in center for males and females who have been sexually exploited. Find out more at their website.


There are currently no shelter options for unaccompanied youth who are experiencing homelessness in Tacoma.


The City and County are working on a joint project to build a youth home and a drop-in day center and young adult overnight shelter that are expected to be located in Tacoma.