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Code Compliance

Code Compliance

Code Compliance is responsible for maintaining community compliance with the Tacoma Municipal Code to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Tacoma. Compliance activities are initiated by community complaints of blighted properties. Code Compliance Officers respond to and inspect every complaint received. When violations are present, code compliance works with property owners to correct identified violations of the City Code.


Code Compliance handles the following types of issues.

  • Graffiti (TMC 8.30 and 8.122)
  • Hazardous Trees/Site Distance Violation (TMC 8.30)
  • Land Use Enforcement (Title 13)
  • Noise Violations (TMC 8.122)
  • Poultry and Pigeons (TMC 5.30)
  • Public Nuisance Code (TMC 8.30)
  • Public Nuisance Vehicles (TMC 8.23)
  • Residential Rental Inspection (Title 6)
  • Residential Parking Standards (TMC 8.30.050)
  • Right-of-Way Violations (TMC 8.120)
  • Stop Work Orders (TMC 8.30 and TMC 2.08)
  • Substandard, Derelict, and Dangerous Buildings (TMC 2.01)

 To search or read the Tacoma Municipal Code, please visit the City Clerk’s page


Top Violation Definitions

Nuisance Properties

Nuisance properties may have large piles of junk and debris, broken down vehicles and overgrown vegetation. These types of properties may be a health and sanitation hazard, fire hazard, and may have rodents.


Derelict Buildings

Derelict buildings are buildings which are not safe for people to live in and may be abandoned. These buildings may become and attractive nuisance for children, vagrants, or illegal activity and dumping.


Substandard Buildings

Substandard buildings can be occupied, but have building code violations related to building safety and minimum building standards that must be corrected.


Graffiti is considered an unwanted or profane visual marking on any surface within a private or public property.


Tax and License

Tax and License compliance ensure that individuals and entities conducting business in Tacoma are licensed and operating within Tacoma Municipal Code standards. Please see our Tax and License page to learn more about these requirements. 

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are vehicles left on the right of way that are an eyesore for the neighborhood and may present a safety issue for residents.  If you wish to learn more about abandoned vehicles please visit our Abandoned Autos page.

Standards for a Well Maintained Property 

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Contact Us
Phone: 311 or
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Report a Code Compliance Concern

Abandoned or neglected building

Graffiti on private property

Garbage or debris on private property

Overgrown vegetation on private property

 Note: You will receive automatic updates on the status of your complaint if you use a 311 account. 


Check the Status of a Code Violation

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