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Broadway LID

Broadway Local Improvement District (LID) Documents

The Broadway Local Improvement District (Broadway LID) was created back in 2006 by Ordinance No. 27475 and the LID Improvements were completed in 2011. After the remand process, the Hearing Examiner has now issued a Supplemental Recommendation addressing the issues the City Council ordered on remand related to the office/retail/commercial (ORC) Properties, and consideration of the Supplemental Recommendation and the issue of finalizing the LID assessment roll has been scheduled to go back the City Council on September 17, 2019. 

Although the Supplemental Recommendation applies primarily to the (ORC) Properties, this notice was sent to all property owners in the District since presentation of the Supplemental Recommendation may now lead to finalization of the assessment roll for the entirety of the Broadway LID.


Here are the links to the documents:

For more information on the project, visit the Broadway LID project web page