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Update Demographics on My Business License Account

Use form below to answer Demographics questions
Update Demographics Business Accounts

First, we need some information in order to update the correct account:

Owner/Legal Entity Name:(required)    


 Business (dba) Name:(required)   


Contract Account Number (Tacoma Business License) (i.e. 500112233)       

 1. What is the racial/ethnicity identity of the business owner(s) with majority-stake (at least 51%) of ownership? Check all that apply.




Middle Eastern/North African 

Native American/Alaska Native 

Pacific Islander/ Native Hawaiian 


 Rather Not Say 

 Prefer to Self-Describe:  


2. Is this business woman-owned? To be considered a woman-owned business, the business must be held with majority-stake (at least 51%) of ownership by a woman or collectively by women.




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