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For-Hire Transportation Service Companies

Tacoma For-Hire Transportation Services Companies are an essential part of the City's transportation system. Title 6B.220 of the Tacoma Municipal Code provides for the safe, fair and efficient operation of For-Hire Transportation Services Companies, vehicles and drivers.


Are you an Uber Driver?

Please click here for business licensing information.


Licensing Requirements

Effective January 1, 2014 the City of Tacoma will license all drivers, vehicles and for-hire transportation service companies doing business in the City of Tacoma and/or unincorporated Pierce County. 


To verify if a for-hire driver or company is licensed to do business in the City of Tacoma, visit TacomaData and click on business.


Department of Revenue Licensing Links

The Washington State Department of Revenue has created an online tax guide for owner and independent drivers of taxicabs and limousines.  To learn more about possible State tax obligations for your taxicab business, visit the Washington State Department of Revenue website.


Have a Complaint?

If you have a complaint about a for-hire driver or vehicle, first try and contact the transportation services company. All for-hire vehicles that are licensed with the City of Tacoma are required to provide consumer complaint cards indicating the name, address, and phone number of the company.


You may also file online complaints with the City of Tacoma.  The City of Tacoma; Tax & License Division investigates any passenger complaints.  

Lost Items?

The for-hire transportation services company must provide a system for passengers to retrieve lost articles.   If you have lost an item in a for-hire vehicle contact the company directly. 

Refusal to Pick Up Passengers

Tacoma Municipal Code Chapter 6B.220.340 states that a for-hire driver may only decline transport to a passenger when:

  • The for-hire driver has already been dispatched on another call.
  • The passenger is acting in a suspicious, disorderly, or threatening manner, or otherwise causes the for-hire driver to reasonably believe that the for-hire driver's health or safety, or that of others, may be endangered.
  • The passenger cannot, upon request, show ability to pay the fare.
  • The passenger refuses to state a specific destination upon entering the for-hire vehicle.

Questions and Comments

For more information about for-hire licensing email us at forhire@cityoftacoma.org or call the Tax & License Division at (253) 591-5252.