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New eProcurement System - SAP Ariba

The City of Tacoma (City) is transitioning to Ariba for its procurement processes.  SAP Ariba is an eCommerce website that facilitates procurement.  It streamlines buyers and sellers ability to connect and find each other.  It enables electronic sharing of procurement related documents like bids, contracts, purchase orders and/or invoices. For more information, view our Frequently Asked Questions


Moving To A More Streamlined System 

With this new system, the City will be moving from a costly, time consuming, and manual process to a more automated, web based/electronic system, with mobile capabilities. This streamlined system will allow for a faster payment process as well. 


Two Key Components for Suppliers


    1.     Sourcing (Contracting Opportunities/Bids)

In order to bid on future sourcing events that will be initiated in Ariba, suppliers must register in SAP Ariba Supplier Information System (SIM) and create a profile with the City of Tacoma.


If your organization is already on the SAP Ariba Network, you will still need to create a City of Tacoma profile.        


    2.    Purchase Orders and Invoices

In order to transact electronically with the City of Tacoma, suppliers must be "enabled" on SAP Ariba. This enablement is occurring in phases over time.  If you have been contacted by SAP Ariba and have been asked to accept a "Trading Relationship Request", please do so. This will initiate the required activities which will allow your organization to receive purchase orders and submit invoices electronically.        


All Suppliers Must Create A City of Tacoma Profile 

In order to prepare for future sourcing events that will be initiated in Ariba, we are requesting that suppliers register as a City of Tacoma supplier in Ariba as soon as possible.  If your organization is already on the Ariba network, you will still need to create a City of Tacoma profile. 


How to Create Your Profile:

  1. Follow the steps outlined in the Supplier Information Management (SIM) Registration Overview. 
  2. Once your registration is received, it will be reviewed by the City of Tacoma Procurement Department and then you will be notified of your approval status.
  3. Once all the needed information has been provided, your organization will become approved as a supplier.

Roster Information

Contractors and suppliers can join rosters to learn about business opportunities with the City. The different rosters are:

  • Small Works Roster (SWR) - Allows pre-registered contractors the opportunity to bid on small public works and improvement projects with a budget of $200,000 or less.  Visit the SWR webpage for additional information.
  • Architectural & Engineering (A&E) Local Agency Guideline (LAG) and Non-Local Agency Guideline (Non-LAG) Rosters – Qualified suppliers currently practicing engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, and/or land surveying.  Visit the A&E webpage for additional information.
  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE):  Allows small businesses an opportunity to increase their chances of getting City of Tacoma Public Works and goods and services contracts.  Visit the SBE webpage for additional information.


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