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Policy and Mangement Documents
Fruit Trees and Community Gardens
Tree Conservation and Protection Through Construction
Just For Kids
Woody Plant Pests-Threats to Our Urban Forest
Trees and Business
Natural Yard Care and Wildlife
Integrated Pest Management
Tree and Other Plant Health
Native Plants for Western Washington
Rain Gardens and Landscapes
Other Tree Sites We Like

Policy and Mangement Documents

EverGreen Tacoma Facebook Page
Urban Forest Project Tacoma (2011)
Urban Forest Policy Element (2010)
Strategic Urban Forest Management Plan (SUFMP) Neighborhood Business Districts - 2011

Fruit Trees and Community Gardens

WSU Fruit Horticulture Program
OSU Training and Pruning Your Home Orchard
City Fruit- A Seattle nonprofit who value urban fruit trees
Pierce County Gleaning Project
Pierce Conservation District Community Gardening Program
American Community Garden Association 

Tree Conservation and Protection Through Construction

Tree Protection on Construction and Development Sites
Call Before You Dig
How to Plan for Protecting Trees Before Home Construction Projects
Tree Conservation Tips
Tree Conservation Facts
Tree and Forest Facts

Just for Kids

Natural Inquirer Urban Forest Edition (for middle school kids)
Project Learning Tree
Tales from Urban Forests (Radio series)
Discover the Forest
Kids Ecology Corps-Tree Loss
Green Tips from National Geographic
US Forest Service Kids
USFS Urban Forestry Lab Exercises (for middle and high school students)
Almost Everything in the Whole Wide World Made From Trees List
Foods from Trees List

Woody Plant Pests-Threats to Our Urban Forest

USFS Pacific Northwest Native Forest Insects and Diseases and Invasive Species

USFS Hungry Pests- a resource about the threat of pests, tracking and advice

USDA Blog-A Day in Your Life With Invasive Species - WA DNR

No Holiday for Invasive Species  (video)

Emerald Ash Borer (video) - The Nature Conservancy
Asian Long-horned beetle (video) - The Nature Conservancy
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid - WA DNR Blog

Trees and Business

How to Prevent Tree/Sign Conflicts 
Main Street August 2009 - Trees Mean Business: City Trees and the Retail Landscape


Standing Tall: Storm Damage and Your Tree
Weathering the Storm 
Tree First Aid 
Storm Recovery
Can These Trees Be Saved?

Natural Yard Care and WiIdlife

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department Natural Yard Care
Western Washington Guide-Garden Wise: Non-Invasive Plants for Your Garden
Washington State University Extension "Backyard Forest Stewardship in Western Washington"
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife- Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary
Natural Resources Conservation Service- Backyard Wildlife habitat
Gardening- Master Gardener Program
Allergy-free gardening
Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team- Garry oak (Oregon White Oak) Gardener's Handbook

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Pierce County Weed Board
Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board 
Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook
WSU Extension Hortsense-for homegardener IPM
ProIPM Questions and Answers
PAN Pesticide Database
Bugs and Weeds- A Green Guide to Pest Control and Prevention
Insect and Spider Identification

Tree and Other Plant Health

Arbor Day Foundation Tree Health Guide
WSU Extension "Sapsucker Damage" Brochure
WSU Extension "Seasonal Foliage Loss" Brochure
How to Identify and Manage Dutch Elm Disease
Washington State University Extension- Plant Problem Diagnosis

Native Plants for Western Washington

Includes common names, botanical names, culture requirements, etc.

King County Northwest Native Plant Guide
Using Native Plants Information Sheets
Master Western Washington Native Species List
Native Plant Nurseries in Washington
Puget Sound Shoreline Species

Rain Gardens and Landscapes

Puget Sound Rain Gardens
Sustainable Stormwater Management-Rain gardens
Stewardship Partners- rain gardens
ecoSmart Landscapes- Calculate environmental impact of landscaped areas, carbon and energy

Urban Forests and Climate Change

California Climate Change Portal

EPA Heat Island Effect
USFS- Urban Forests and Climate Change

Other Tree Sites We Like

Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team
Friends of Trees
Friends of Trees YouTube Channel 
Friends of the Urban Forest
Washington Department of Natural Resources Urban and Community Forestry
DNR YouTube page (videos on planting and care of trees)
US Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry
Tree Link
Alliance for Community Trees
American Forests 
Arbor Day Foundation 
Project for Public Spaces
Tree Board University