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2020-21 Climate Justice Planning

Climate Work

2020-2021 Climate Justice Planning 

The Tacoma City Council passed Resolution No. 40509 in December 2019, declaring a climate emergency in Tacoma, and affirming Council’s support of initiatives that mitigate impacts. As we plan for our collective climate future, the City of Tacoma needs to hear from more voices and consider the impacts to historically underrepresented, underserved, vulnerable communities, and from those expected to experience the most immediate consequences of climate change. With your help, Tacoma will center the voices of these frontline communities as we guide the priorities and investments of the City and work to develop a new plan in 2021-2021 to take action for climate justice .



Join the Effort - Apply to be a Plan Ambassador or Environmental Justice Leader by September 13, 2020

We currently have two opportunities to take action, get involved in Tacoma's climate justice planning, and share your lived experience and community connections. Individuals selected for the groups below may be eligible for stipends upon completion of group responsibilities. Applications for both opportunities close on September 13, 2020. 

  • Climate Justice Plan Ambassadors: Engage your own communities to learn about their climate concerns and priorities. Share community stories, needs, and opinions to help the City prioritize actions and funding that support our most vulnerable communities. Ambassadors are expected to commit between 10-15 hours total between September 2020 - December 2020. All applicants will be accepted for this role. Learn more and apply to be a Plan Ambassador.
  • Environmental Justice (EJ) Leaders Workgroup: This workgroup's input will help ensure that equity and environmental justice is centered in City plans and policies. Workgroup members are expected to commit between 30-45 hours total between September 2020 - September 2021. Learn more and apply to join the EJ Leaders Workgroup.

Not Sure Which Opportunity is a Better Fit?


Skills and Interests  Climate Justice Ambassador Environmental Justice Workgroup
Civic engagement, community health, safety, and resiliency  X  X
Collaboration and attending meetings   X
More flexibility in scheduling X  
Creating conversations within own communities X  
Meeting new people
Being creative and independently working on projects and activities X  
Learning about policy and science   X
Brainstorming solutions with a group   X
Planning and strategy-oriented    X
Action and "doing"-oriented X  
 More limited time to commit X  
Stipend Amount  $600 $1,000


Planning Overview 


What: The City of Tacoma is updating our Environmental Action Plan with a renewed focus on climate action and environmental justice. This new Plan will serve as a guiding document for shared climate solutions, environmental protections, and community resiliency - putting people first and prioritizing those communities most vulnerable to climate impacts. We need input from diverse community voices to develop a transformational plan, and to help build a safe and sustainable future. This Plan, intended for adoption by Tacoma City Council in late 2021, will direct strategies, investments, and actions that work to create a better Tacoma for all.

Why: From climate impacts, racial justice, health and economic crises – we need to prioritize actions that reduce negative impacts and increase positive opportunities for all our communities, especially those made most vulnerable. As directed by Resolution No. 40509, these groups will help the City of Tacoma engage and collaborate with community members and those most burdened by environmental impacts as we update City plans and policy. This Plan, to be adopted by Tacoma City Council in late 2021, will direct funding and actions to help you and our community.

Who: Throughout the climate justice planning process, the City of Tacoma will prioritize voices from frontline communities, including communities of color, youth and young adults, and other historically underrepresented, underserved, or vulnerable groups.

When: The climate justice planning process will take place from September 2020 to September 2021. See the Planning Timeline below for additional information.

How: The City of Tacoma is partnering with Citizens for a Healthy Bay to prioritize engagement that supports community-led strategies, and to reduce participation barriers for all community members.

Where: The format and frequency of community engagement activities will depend on COVID-19 safety guidelines. Activities will be adapted as health and safety circumstances change.


Planning Timeline


Phase Actions Timeline
Phase 1        

Understanding Community Priorities

  • Collect baseline data
  • Model carbon pollution emissions

September - December 2020                         

Phase 2

Strategy and Action Planning

  • Identify technical opportunities and community benefits and alignments
January - April 2021
Phase 3

Plan Release and Adoption

  • Center equity in Plan
  • Deliver ambitious and achievable draft plan
May - September 2021