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Climate Action Ambassadors

Climate Justice

Helping Plan Tacoma's Climate Future 

Tacoma needs to hear from diverse voices as the City plans for its climate future and Tacoma City Council considers approving a new climate action plan to be developed over the next year.


Climate Action Ambassadors are helping document community stories, priorities, ideas, worries, needs, and opinions and sharing them with Citizens for a Healthy Bay, a local non-profit that has partnered with the City of Tacoma to support climate action planning community engagement. Community input recorded and delivered by the Ambassadors will directly guide actions and priorities in the City of Tacoma's climate action plan.


Engagement Overview

With the help of Ambassadors, Tacoma can center the voices of frontline communities – those that are underrepresented, underserved, or made vulnerable, and expected to experience the first and worst consequences of climate change. The climate action plan will help guide City priorities, policy, and investments that work toward an environmentally just and sustainable future. We understand and value that people know best how to engage with their own communities, and encourage Ambassadors to engage with their communities in their own way.


Current Climate Action Ambassadors

Phase 1 Ambassadors helped us reach community members we usually do not hear from and collected many stories of a sustainable Tacoma using interviews, surveys, and visioning activities. This information is helping us plan for Phase 2 community engagement and the role Ambassadors will play in it.


Climate Action Ambassadors may be eligible for up to $600 in participation stipends across two program periods ($300 per period).


Period 1: September – December 2020 ($300 stipend)

  • Orientation, training, and workshop (5 hours, September - October)
  • Engagement activity implementation (4-7 hours, October - November)
  • Reporting and compensation (1-2 hours, November - December)

Interested in getting involved?

While Climate Action Ambassador applications are currently closed, stay tuned for the Phase 2 Climate Action Ambassador application coming soon in spring 2021!


For questions, please contact Emma Keese with Citizens for a Healthy Bay at ekeese@healthybay.org.