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Mayor on Violence Over the Weekend

A Statement From Mayor Victoria Woodards on Violence Over the Weekend


June 27, 2022



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A Statement From Mayor Victoria Woodards on Violence Over the Weekend 

TACOMA, Wash. -- "I am saddened to hear of the two violent incidents that occurred over the weekend. This is unacceptable, and it is a good reminder that we must continue our efforts to to prioritize violent crime reduction.  

While investigations are ongoing, they’ve already booked one suspect into the Pierce County Jail on two counts of Assault 1 and a further charge of Murder 1. I am confident that the Tacoma Police Department with its high crime-solving rate will find the individuals responsible and help ensure that they are held accountable. 

I remain committed to actions that will make Tacoma the safest city in the world, and the Council and I will continue to work with Police Chief Avery Moore to make that happen. 

I invite those interested in learning more about the City’s plans to address violent crime to tune in to the City Council Study Session at noon on July 12 to hear more."