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Healthy Community

The MLK District and Hilltop Community have a rich and diverse history and the past twenty years have seen a great deal of positive growth and change for this unique community. For an area to truly prosper however the health of the residents needs to be considered.

Healthy residents are crucial to healthy, prosperous communities. Any long-term community plan should look at the health impacts future development will have on the well being of the community being impacted. All changes to building, transportation, open spaces, and access to healthy foods should be critically examined in order to evaluate the potential effects they may have on community members. Please click on the headings below to see more about how these changes are impacting the health of the MLK community.

Project Overview    
MLK Healthy Communities Evaluation an in-depth report examining key issues of helath in the MLK Subarea
Determinants of Health and Causal Pathways looks at  factors that influence health in our communities 
Community Voices chart highlighting community members concerns from the early scoping process relating to health in the MLK Subarea