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Housing Division

The Housing Division of the Community and Economic Development Department provides service and technical assistance that ultimately result in safer, more attractive neighborhoods, improved rental and owner-occupied affordable housing, elimination of blight, improved household and neighborhood safety and stimulated economic development. Through the Housing Division, the community has benefited from increased job opportunities, affordable housing stock, reduced blight and crime and an overall sense of pride in the City’s neighborhoods.


Federally-Funded Housing Programs

The division administers federally funded housing programs, such as the:

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program
  • HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME)
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program II 

As part of this administrative responsibility, the City of Tacoma adopts a Consolidated Plan every five years. The Consolidated Plan provides a framework for how Tacoma will address affordable housing, human services, community and economic development needs in Tacoma.


To view these documents and learn about current participation opportunities, visit the Consolidated Plan web page.


Seeking Feedback on Homeownership--Survey Available Through January 20, 2023 

The City of Tacoma is seeking information from community members to help us develop housing services programs that result in greater opportunities for owning a home. We want to hear from those who currently own a home, have considered buying a home, as well as those who have never considered homeownership, in order to understand what types of resources can be most beneficial to individuals or families on their pathway to homeownership and as existing homeowners. We are requesting this information in the form of a survey.

The survey can be filled out online or on a mobile device and takes about 10 minutes to complete. This survey will remain open through January 20, 2023.


Homeownership Survey


Homeownership Disparity Study

In June 2020, the Tacoma City Council passed Resolution 40622 formally acknowledging that the City of Tacoma’s existing systems have not adequately served the needs of Black community members and other community members of color. Pursuant to that resolution the City has prioritized anti‐racist approaches to the evaluation of new policies and programs as well as to the comprehensive and sustained transformation of present practices. Furthermore, in November 2020 the City Council passed Resolution 40697 that specifically authorized a study to examine the disparities of homeownership as a housing outcome for Black residents of Tacoma and provide budget and policy recommendations that leverage the results to increase Black homeownership in the City. The Disparity Study was completed in 2021 resulting in the report below. Next steps are currently in development.

Tacoma Housing Disparities Report 2021


Housing Assistance Services


Tacoma Partners with Pierce County and Habitat for Humanity to Rollout New Foreclosure Prevention Program-Applications Open Now

Tacoma is partnering with Pierce County and Habitat for Humanity to provide foreclosure prevention counseling and mortgage assistance. The program is available to households who have experienced a loss of employment or reduction in wages due to COVID-19 and have an income at or below 80% Area Median Income for Pierce County. To learn more, click the button below. 


Foreclosure Prevention and Mortgage Assistance


There are documents and information you can start collecting now to prepare for submission. Additional information may need to be collected by the provider upon intake to determine eligibility, but before you start the application you should have:

  • Household information, including birthdays, for all household members
  • Income verification for all household members for each income source including 2020 tax return (2021 if already filed or if application is submitted after the tax filing date has passed) for entire household OR household W-2's, Unemployment statements, Alimony, child support, disability, retirement or VA benefits, Current or past pay stubs
  • COVID impact documentation including proof of unemployment, loss of wages, loss of job, unexpected increase in costs of childcare, etc.
  • Loan Servicer, Bank or Mortgage Company name, email and phone number
  • Statement from Mortgage Company with past due balance

The division works in partnership with the non-profit housing community and housing developers to provide affordable housing options in Tacoma. The following non-profit organizations currently receive Community Development Block Grant funds to provide health and safety related housing repair services free of charge to low income Tacoma homeowners:

Associated Ministries

Rebuilding Together South Sound

In addition, the Housing Division in coordination with the Tacoma Community Redevelopment Authority (TCRA) provides home repair and rehabilitation loans,  homebuyer down payment assistance loans and affordable housing developer loans.


Economic Development Services

The Housing Division works to stimulate economic growth by providing Community Development Block grant funds to local organizations which provide small business technical assistance to new and expanding small businesses. The following non-profit organizations currently receive Community Development Block Grant funds to provide technical assistance to Tacoma entrepreneurs:

Spaceworks Tacoma- Incubator Program

Business Loans

The Housing Division, in coordination with the Tacoma Community Redevelopment Authority (TCRA), also offers small business loans to expanding and start-up Tacoma businesses. The funds are provided to the City through federal grants and can be used by a business for purposes such as an acquisition of property; site improvements; working capital; purchase of equipment, machinery, furniture, or fixtures; façade improvements; improvements to a historic building or fire safety improvements. The City's loan programs result in job creation and a stronger business community. Learn more about the loan programs available to expanding businesses or about loan programs available to start-up businesses.

Loan Subordination and Loan Payoff Requests

Homeowners who have a home repair or rehabilitation loan or a down payment assistance loan through the TCRA and wish to receive a payoff statement should contact Loan Servicing. Homeowners who wish to request that TCRA subordinate its lien position to allow the homeowner to refinance a first lender's loan should complete a subordination request form and submit it to Financial Assistant by mail. Address subordination requests to:


Tacoma Community Redevelopment Authority

C/O Loan Servicing

747 Market Street, Room 808

Tacoma, WA 98402


Useful Housing and Community Development Documents and Resources


Affordable Housing Policy Advisory Group Report with Recommendations
HUD Foreclosure Resources
2023 HOME Income, Rent & Homeownership Value Limits (effective 6/15/2023)

Contact us if you have questions about the Housing Division.

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Loan Servicing

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