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Pipeline Trail

Phase 3 of the Trail Complete!

Thanks to a federal grant, Phase 3 started construction June 2019 and was completed September 2020. It is final phase of the Pipeline Trail within the City of Tacoma limits. 


Phase 3 constructed a 1.4 mile segment from the Eastside Community Center at East 56th Street and Pipeline Road to the Tacoma-county line at East 72nd Street and Waller Road East. The trail is ADA accessible with 12-foot wide asphalt surface, LED lighting, way-finding signs, and benches.  


About the Trail 

The Tacoma Pipeline Trail is 4.3 miles long and provides an important, safe route for people walking, bicycling, and using other modes of active transportation between a major transit center, neighborhoods, schools, parks, and other destinations. 


The trail runs from the Dome District to the County line. It includes 2.3 miles of separated, paved trail and 2 miles of on-street bike facilities and connected sidewalks.




The Pipeline Trail will be part of a 15-mile trail extending from the Tacoma Dome Transit Center to South Hill in Puyallup where it will connect with the Nathan Memorial Chapman Trail and eventually the Foothills Trail and Mount Rainer National Park. 


Most of the Pipeline Trail is owned by Tacoma Water and runs above the underground water pipeline for which the trail is named. The Pipeline Trail is a collaboration between the City of Tacoma, Pierce County, and Tacoma Water. 


The Pipeline Trail in Tacoma was a three-phased project

  • Phase 1 was constructed in 2012 and built a one half mile trail through Tacoma's Eastside community in Salishan.  

  • Phase 2 construction was completed in April 2019. This phase constructed a shared-use path between East 40th Street and East 48th Street and an on-street trail from East 40th Street to the D Street Bridge.  

  • Phase 3 was completed in September 2020 and constructed a 12-foot wide asphalt trail from East. 56th Street East 72nd Street and Waller Road East.   

Pierce County and the Pipeline Trail 

With all phases of the Tacoma project completed, Pierce County is working to extend the trail from East 72nd Street and Waller Road East through Orangegate Park. Design is currently underway with construction scheduled for 2022.  


To learn more about Pierce County’s Pipeline Trail project, visit: piercecountywa.gov/6569/Pipeline-Trail-Design 


Pipeline Trail Activities

  • Self-Guided Tree Tour: There are at least 13 different species of trees planted along this segment of the trail. As you travel along the trail between E. 56th St. and E. 72nd St., see if you can spot the different species of trees using the Pipeline Trail Tree Guide.
  • Tacoma Water Coloring Pages: Art and science come together in these wonderful  coloring pages designed by local artist Chandler O'Leary that help children learn more about Tacoma's water supply, including the important water pipelines!