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New Heritage Project Grant

Historic Preservation Office Announces New Heritage Project Grant


Jan. 6, 2016



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Historic Preservation Office Announces New Heritage Project Grant

--Information Session Being Held Jan. 20--


The City of Tacoma’s Historic Preservation Office is announcing a new Heritage Project Grant for 2016. Eligible applicants include non-profits, organized groups, public agencies and educational institutions.


The program is intended to support projects that increase public awareness and access to Tacoma’s history. Funding can be used for a number of focuses including exhibitions, workshops, events or educational activities and documentation of an artifact or historical site.  Activities receiving heritage funding may be one-time events or a small number of events that are closely related, or may also be an ongoing program or neighborhood public history project. Applicants may apply for anywhere between $1,000 and $20,000 for their project.


“Raising public awareness of our history is a priority for the City of Tacoma,” said Historic Preservation Officer Reuben McKnight. “By providing programmatic support to heritage organizations, we hope to offer more opportunities for everyone to engage with history.”


A grant information session will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 20, from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Tacoma Municipal Building North (728 St Helens St., Room 16). All potential applicants are encouraged to attend.


Applications are due Monday, Feb. 29. To find out more about the grant or to download an application, visit cityoftacoma.org/HeritageGrant email LHoogkamer@cityoftacoma.org or call (253) 591-5254.