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Schuster Parkway Promenade


This project is an important piece of the Dome to Defiance trail. A Planning Study was completed in October 2013 for the Schuster Promenade project.  The City subsequently received a grant from PSRC in June 2015 to design a shared-use promenade extending from S. 4th Street to N. 30th Street and continuing onto McCarver Street to connect to Ruston Way.  Design began in 2015 and planning level cost estimates were found to be substantially lower than preliminary engineering cost estimates for the project. The significant variance in the cost estimates was based on several factors including the need for significant slope cutbacks and costly retaining walls to properly support the promenade and hillsides.


Project Updates

The preliminary design looked at several shared use path options ranging in cost from $30 to $50 million.  Options included varying alignments/elevations of the promenade along Schuster Parkway. Design and construction of these options would require significantly more funding that the City currently has for the project. A road diet option was later developed in response to questions following a presentation to the City’s Infrastructure, Planning and Sustainability Council Committee. This option includes the elimination of one vehicular travel lane in the southbound direction.


Public Outreach

The City had a booth at the Downtown to Defiance event on September 9, 2018.


The City is currently working with the stakeholder group to determine a path forward.


Design Budget

 City of Tacoma Federal Grant
 $300,000 $1,170,172


Follow this link for information on the Schuster Landscape Management Project


Be Informed, Get Involved 

For more information about the Schuster parkway Promenade project, please contact Steve Atkinson, Site Development, at (253) 591-5531 or by email, or Nick Correll, Public Works Engineering, at (253) 591-5492 or by email.